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Jul 27, 2008 04:12 PM

Redbones or another BBQ restaurant for son's going away dinner?

My son will be leaving for college in 2 weeks. We want to do a fun going away dinner for him. There will be 8 people attending the dinner. He wants to go to Redbones in Somerville. I have heard mixed reviews on this restaurant lately. There have been quite a few complaints saying that the food has gone done hill. What do you think?

Would you recommend Redbones or is there another fun restaurant that you can suggest - either BBQ or someplace else. We live in Marblehead but we are willing to drive to Somerville or Boston but not too far from there.


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  1. I'm not a huge Redbones fan, but it's his party. Why not go where HE wants tog o?

    1. Redbones is fine. For ribs, get either the St. Louis or Baby Backs. Collard greens are good, too. For non-meat eaters, the catfish is great, as are most of their nightly fish specials and the grilled shrimp. It's totally casual, just the sort of place kids on their way to college should enjoy. Have a great time!

      1. I agree with the others. Forget the mixed reviews you've read. Redbone's is a great place for a college bound son's going away party. Go and have a great time.

        1. Redbones is great. It has a fun party atmosphere and it's always busy. However, I have found that you spend a lot of time waiting for a table and once seated, your food arrives lickety-split. So your spend more time waiting than you spend actually eating the food at your table. Redbones caters. I suggest you do this. The food is well worth it and they do a great job. I was at a Redbones catered lunch for a staff of about 70 and it was terrific.

          1. Redbones is a great choice. I love the babyback and St Louis ribs along with the greens. You can be loud and visit and cheer your son on to this next step in his life.

            We usually get there by 5 and I don't think we've ever waited for a table.

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              Yes - go early, or the line may be out the door, especially for a large party.