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Jul 27, 2008 03:45 PM

Charlestown RI

Any suggestions? The Deafood Festival is this weekend. How is that?

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  1. Sorry, I’m not going to give you a straight answer, but rather than let your post go unanswered any longer, I’ll tell you what (not much) I know about the seafood festival. I haven’t been in several years but I hear from those that have been going “The seafood was great. You must come with us next year” as well as “We could have done better just spending the money at Captain Jack's”. This seafood festival has more credibility than many of the more commercial “festivals” that you might find around New England in the summer, primarily since it is run by the local chamber of commerce and many of the booths are run by locals. It seems to be a good place to have a reasonably priced lobster outdoors. The raw bar can’t be bad, especially if they feature local shellfish. I’m assuming that they shuck the clams/oysters while you wait. See if the Charlestown Mini-Super is serving shrimp cocktails.

    If the (small) crowds, entertainment or festival atmosphere don’t appeal to you, there are plenty of places in the area that serve good seafood, depending on how far you want to travel. Starboard Galley is in Charlestown and people like it for clam cakes, fried clams, etc. Captain Jack's (Matunuck area) is not far away and pretty reliable for lobster and other seafood dishes. Champlin’s (Point Judith, Narragansett) is also good for fresh lobsters, clamcakes. Both Captain Jack's and Champlin’s had fallen from grace at some point but we tend to think they each have improved within the last couple of years. All in all, it’s a great time of year to be in RI, but watch out for the beach traffic. It’s better to be down here early and get coffee and muffins ( or Allie’s donuts) on the way than to deal with that traffic on weekends.

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      Where is Allie's donuts? We'll be at Burlingame and likely go to Misquamicut. I do like Sunday's entertainment,8 to the bar and Roomfull of Blues. Anything recommended at the beach?

      1. re: trufflehound

        Allie’s is in North Kingstown, and it’s a popular place to stop if you’re taking Route 4 or Route 2 in or out of South County. In the Westerly area, The Cooked Goose on Watch Hill Road is pretty near Misquamicut and a good place for breakfast or lunch, baked goods and some gourmet items. Also, St. Clare's Annex in Watch Hill is known for lobster rolls, ice cream and fresh lemonade. Watch Hill is always good for a stroll and a little browsing.

        I noticed that Roomful of Blues is playing in Charlestown on Sunday. I was thinking that I wouldn’t go at 6:00 PM expecting much fresh seafood, but if you are planning to see the earlier band, you will be there at a better time.

        1. re: trufflehound

          olympia tea room for late lunch followed by beach time at napatree pt in watch hill.