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Jul 27, 2008 03:44 PM

Asian Market near Oceanside/Baldwin?

I've been told there are a couple of Asian markets on Sunrise Highway near Oceanside or Baldwin, but I've driven up the street multiple times and don't see anything... anyone know where they might be? Would love to get some cooking equipment and foods I can't get at Waldbaums!


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  1. i live in baldwin and this the first i've heard of this.i don't know of anything close to what you are looking for in that area.there's a large asian in hempstead but after one visit,i wouldn't go back.not a real clean place.

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    1. re: davmar77

      Thanks, davmar... I think someone told me the place is somewhere near the House of Parrots, but I keep driving around there and have found nothing. Maybe it closed??? I just need to buy some packaged ingredients and cooking implements, and maybe some baby bok choy, so I might try to find that Hempstead place... do you recall where it is?

      1. re: ideabaker

        to my knowledge there was never any asian market in that area.there's a seafood store and restaurants but nothing like what you are looking for.

        v & t is the place we went.lots of choices yes,but not very appetizing.

        1. re: ideabaker

          There's a little produce/gourmet store next to the fish store, by the parrot store in RVC. I think they have some Asian products.

        2. re: davmar77

          Also check out the Asian market/fruit store on Merrick Road in Seaford adjacent to the Dunkin Doughnuts and Pathmark store. They have high quality produce (a lot of the "asian" variety) as well as Asian packaged foods and spices/ingredients No cooking equipment though.

          1. re: bdr814

            Oh, that sounds like a good one... am trying to remember how far Seaford is from Long Beach...

            1. re: ideabaker

              Take the loop pkwy to the wantagh north and get out at merrick road and go east about 3 miles to where pathmark is. i was there yesterday and on second thought while it definitely has bok choy and a selection of asian packaged foods, you might want to go to the place in hempstead first. that sounds like it will have more complete offerings. take care.

              1. re: bdr814

                Thanks bdr814, I'll try Hempstead since it's closer but I'll still check out the place you suggested... who knew I'd have a selection :-) ?

        3. You are probably no more than 20 minutes from the great Asian supermarket in Hempstead.

          V&T Supermarket
          12 North Franklin Street (near Front)

          This is probably the best Asian market on Long Island. Great produce, meat, fish, grocery items, housewares and cookware. Also a food court with the Island's best roast meats.

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          1. re: emarcus

            Emarcus, thanks for the address. Guess I will have to go check it out myself and hopefully it isn't too unappetizing. Like I said I'm looking mostly for non perishable items. I'm down in Long Beach so it might be thirty minutes or so(against the beach crowd traffic) but it would be so worth it. Right now I'm still driving into Queens to my Asian Market there. This would be much closer! Will let you know how it turns out; am out of the country for a few weeks but will look for it when I return. Again, thank you for the addy!

            1. re: ideabaker

              Looks like I can help you out here too! LOL, Once Williston Park, on Hillside ave, this time at 400 Hillside Ave, just down the street from a certain Vietnamese restaurant, is a place called H Mart, which is an asian Supermarket!

              1. re: tasaday

                Tasaday, that is great news! I can go out for Vietnamese then stop off at H Mart on the way home (They always say never shop hungry :-) ). You're fantastic! Thanks for all your help.

              2. re: ideabaker

                I can't imagine what anyone would find unappetizing about V&T. Everything is at the peak of freshness--some of the fish is even alive. The place is clean and spacious and lively. There's no place on the Island with a better selection of Asian canned and jarred goods. If you are used to Flushing, this is like that, but cleaner and with parking.

                That said, H Mart is a good place too, though not so large and well-stocked as V&T. I was at that Vietnamese restaurant a few weeks after it opened and wasn't terribly impressed. I believe the owners (and, presumably the cooks) are Chinese. They seemed more interested in having a restaurant identified as Vietnamese than actually embracing that culinary tradition.

                1. re: emarcus

                  I have to agree with emarcus about V&T, I found it an excellent place with a wide selection of food and cookware. All of the food I got there was great, and I didn't find anything unappetizing about the place. Its also one of the few places I've found that stocks San Miguel beer, so that adds points in my book!! ;-)

                  1. re: tasaday

                    tasaday you've been pretty good with coming up with the restaraunts in Nassau county... do we have any good Mexican food around?

                  2. re: emarcus

                    Thanks for further feedback on V and T emarcus and tasaday... I will definitely check it out. I think it's the closest to Long Beach anyway. But I sure hope I don't have the experience emarcus had at the Vietnamese place... I've been burned so badly with high expectations of ethnic restaraunts! As a former Texan, when a "Tex Mex" place that delivered opened up in town I was so excited. They even delivered! When my "cheese enchilada" arrived, it was a flour tortilla with American cheese or Velveeta rolled up in it and zapped in a microwave. I was so dishearted that I quickly became ticked off and contemplated suing them for false advertisement... if they wanted to sell grilled cheese they just should've called it that! So far the only halfway edible Mexican I've found is the chain restaraunt On the Border in Hicksville. And that's only for their homemade tortilla chips and Queso dip. Everything else there tastes off to me.

                    1. re: ideabaker

                      you should try rs jones in merrick.southern and sw style.reaaly good with a big regular menu and lots of daily specials.

                      1. re: davmar77

                        davmar, always appreciate your suggestions... what kind of food does rs jones serve?

                        1. re: ideabaker

                          RS Jones serves southern food with some creole dishes thrown in. I've enjoyed just about every meal I've had there.
                          Sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience with Tex Mex food here in NY. And I'm really hoping that the Vietnamese restaurant doesn't let you down too much, I was only there the one time, and the dishes I got tasted good to me! :-)
                          As for Mexican....I like another place in Rockville Center called El Mariachi, but alot of that may be sentimental reasons, I've been going there for over 20 was one of the first Mexican restaurants I'd ever been to.

                          1. re: tasaday

                            Tasaday, I so appreciate your feedback... I will just give the places a try and hope for the best. My friend from college (twenty years ago) keeps trying to get me back down to TX for a week to visit... but I'm afraid of two things- melting (it's HOT there now), and gaining twenty pounds from gorging on the bountiful Tex Mex and Vietnamese. But hey, as they say, the best way to overcome your fears is to take them on :-).

                    2. re: emarcus

                      ...and the added bonus with V&T is you have one of the biggest GOYA food aisles anywhere...

                      1. re: byrd

                        That is true. Even coming from Texas where we have "Fiesta" groceries, I was very impressed to find such a large GOYA section in Nassau County, NY, particularly in an "Asian" market :-).

                  3. re: emarcus

                    Emarcus, (and all who have commented on V & T)... I finally got over there last week and what an impressive selection of goods! Not only did I find all of the Asian ingredients I was looking for (lemongrass, baby bok choy, dipping sauce for dumplings, dried seaweed and mushrooms just to name a few), but also a lot of the Mexican and Spanish things I was searching for in the regular market (and to date had been ordering online!).

                    In addition, I picked up several "dipping bowls" (for sauce when eating dumplings) a shower "back and body" scrubber (looks like a long washcloth but is more textured to scrub those hard to reach places), an inexpensive mandoline-type slicer, and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, yeah, and a few spiders for straining and pulling things out of hot water/oil.

                    Was it the newest, shiny-est place? Nope. But was it extensive and budget-friendly? Oh yes! Even the workers there (stocking shelves) tried to help out when I couldn't find things (read- a lot of finger pointing at pictures of similar items to those for which I was searching, since speaking English wasn't so popular there). I've gotta pull out my Rosetta Stone Chinese Software again...

                    Thanks for the recommendation, I've been back twice already and that includes driving through the snow!

                  4. I was at "H" market on Hillside today and can report that the produce section was very nice, with lots of Asian items. They were all fresh and well stocked. Like wise, fish, poultry and meat. But the meat clearly was catering to Korean and Japanese tastes. Likewise the prepared foods and dry goods (crackers, chips, etc.) The sections that had some Chinese condiments and sauces ( Chili paste with garlic, Hoisin sauce, black bean with chili sauce, for example) were skimpy. They had a few SEA articles such as sambal oelek and hot sauce but the selction was also skimpy.

                    On the other hand, V. & T., has just as good a selection of produce but it is not displayed as nicely as "H". At "H" much of the produce is packed in ice and just appears fresher. As for meat, V & T caters more to Chinese and SEA tastes. I often buy the pork tenderloin there b/c they are uniformly about 12 oz. each as compared to the huge ones in the major L.I. supertmkts. The smaller tenderloin is perfect for my wife and I to share. Also, the variety of dry goods and condiments at V & T far surpasses "H". And again, caters to Chinese and SEA customers especially. I think the knock against V & T stems from the fact (?) that it was I think an old supermarket that V& T moved into and really didn't do much to spruce up. So it does have a somewhat dowdy feel. If you're okay shopping in Flushing Asian markets you should have no problem with V & T.

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                    1. re: toby1355

                      Heck, I went to the tiny Asian Markets in Flushing and Jamaica, so both of these sound great. I'll check out both! Thanks for your thorough description, makes me anticipate the trip even more!

                      1. re: toby1355

                        when we went to v & t,the floors had produce down the rows,the seafood area's floors were wet and dangerous and that section wasn't too inviting.maybe it was a bad day but we haven't been back.

                      2. I don't know if you are still looking for an Asian market, but there is a large, clean Asian market on Old Country Road/corner of South Oyster Bay Road(don't know the town) and they have a really big selection. They are clean, everything is fresh and the staff are helpful. Worth the trip, you can even turn it into an adventure, on weekends they give out samples...snack your way around. Hope you go and enjoy.

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                        1. re: Hilary

                          Hilary, thanks so much for the heads-up. I got a GPS system for my car this Christmas, but the car's been in the shop until these last (brutally cold) few days. Will play around with the GPS and pop it in when the temps go up a bit to explore your suggestion!

                          1. re: Hilary

                            This is H&Y It's on the Plainview/Hicksville border. There is also a bakery, Korean rest. serving bonchon chicken and a take out sushi place. Lots of produce, fish and meat. The focus is more korean than other asian choices.

                            1. re: MrPhil

                              I will look up H & Y in both Plainview and Hicksville (online?). This place must be found! Thanks for the additional info.