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Jul 27, 2008 02:44 PM

Beachcomber Malibu...anyone been?

Thinking of going, but I'm afraid of being disappointed once again by a beachfront restaurant. Has anyone been? Is it worth the time & expense?

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  1. We went for lunch today with my wife and son, wife and son had a combo plate for two, mind you one plate for the two of them, it had 2 mini tacos, 2 lettuce wraps, and a small bowl of calimari. $15.95 apiece for this tiny plate, $32 bucks for this plate, wasn't even enough for one person. I never complalin but this is one time i had to, no results. I had the kobe beef burger, it was nothing special, tasted like ground chuck with extra fat. terrible service, had to beg for more iced tea. I have been a Malibu resident for 21 years and have never had such a bad experience. Save yourself , dont go!!!

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      I will agree with everything "malibumike" said and add it's Bob Morris restaurant so no one should be surprised about the bad quality of food & service. It hasn't been doing well and will give not too long before they fold.

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        Is this the one on PCH or at the ocean end of the pier? I was at the one on PCH and they had a very decent ahi salad skewered on lemongrass. Touristy, but good for lunches during the week.

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          The Beachcomber is the one at the beginning of the Malibu Pier, I could be wrong but I dont think Bob Morris owns the Beachcomber(l met him and he's actually a pretty nice guy), he owns Gladstones 4 fish at Sunset Blvd and PCH and Bob Morris' Beach Cafe at Paradise Cove which is not bad especially considering the great atmosphere, this is where the old Rockford Files was filmed. Gladstones used to be a great restaurant years ago but no so much now. I think the Beachcomber restaurant in Malibu and Newport Beach? is owned by the Ruby restaurant chain.

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        We should all try it before knocking it down. :-)

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          Guess you've never experienced the Hasidic fish taco place then?

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            I've had nothing but good experiences at the one in Crystal Cove (Newport Beach). It's great for visitors and sometimes I'll go for breakfast and walk around the beach. Pretty crowded all the time. Didn't look to see if the menu was different, but obviously management is better?

          2. A small group of us went and everyone left very happy with what we ordered. Service couldn't be better. We stayed clear of the deserts though (friends had tried them and thought they were too big / too sweet). They did a respectable job of a salmon en croute with spinach and mushrooms, and a great job of a so called "Kobe" braised ribs dish with blue cheese ravioli. Starters were fine too.

            It's in that category of perfectly fine if you like to go to the Malibu pier - just not in any kind of culinary stratosphere. Not worth the drive just for the food, but very pleasant - and reasonably priced at $50-ish a person.

            1. Took the MIL and the kids shortly after it opened. Food was decent as was the service - but probably due to the fact it was in the late winter and not a "beach day".

              Not surprised if it has gone downhill since then...