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Jul 27, 2008 02:18 PM

Birthday Dinner in the Berkshires

Coming up from Philadelphia next weekend, my husband and I are camping so we can splurge on some great food. We'll be around N. Adams, Northampton, MassMoCA. We are a young couple, known to base our travels around food!

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  1. In North Adams, we like 55 Milan and Taylor's Fine Dining. I believe you can see food choices for both on the Web.

    1. If you want the consummate special occasion dining experience in The Berkshires, eat at is a relais and chateau. Blantyre is not inexpensive; HOWever, it is worth every dollar. And, the staff knows how to walk the razor's edge between professional AND friendly and accessible. There is absolutely NO stuffiness. We go about once a year and were there for my birthday a few weeks ago. The Blantyre experience is very different from that of other restaurants...the food is terrific, also. And, the wine list...well...if you want to have some fun, go to the website and read their winelist; it is fairly incredible.

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      1. re: nidanlou

        I would strongly 1st, 2nd & 3rd nindanlou's rec.
        It is a fantastic very special occasion venue and it is very expensive, so know before you go. Here's their link;


      2. I agree with nidanlou and Harpoon about Blantyre but let me throw out another few options.
        Chez Nous in Lee,Ma. is another outstanding choice.(
        Small,intimate,outstanding food and service make this another fine choice.
        John Andrews Retaurant in S. Egremeont,Ma. is another small,intimate,fine place to go to as well but a bit "out-of-the-way" location-wise.
        This restaurant has a website as well but I don't have the site at my disposal right now.
        Wheatleigh is yet another choice,
        Fine food,very cold atmosphere(almost no atmosphere imo) but impeccable service and outstandingly expensive(like Blantyre) food.
        Check out all the places mentioned and have a great time!!!!!

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        1. re: catnip

          Catnip, I couldn't agree more with your Southern Berkshire choices. If I were going out with DW, Chez Nous and John Andrews would be my first choices and in no particular order. Those are two win. win restos to have to decide between. They're both reasonable enough to patronize regularly without justifying "special event" status. But if over-the-top is the aim, Blantyre is the clear choice and it is well worth it.. Wheatleigh, as you've also voiced, just leave me flat-ass cold. I don't need to leave Boston for The Berkshires to receive haughty service. Especially, with the price of petrol these days :-)

          All the best,

          BTW, here's those additional links:

          ...and if I must

        2. thanks everyone! I am leaving tomorrow, very excited!

          1. thank you everyone! I am leaving tomorrow, very excited!