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Jul 27, 2008 01:44 PM

Looking for something good in GainesviIlle

Heading up to Lake city in a few weeks. Looking for a good eatery in GV. Any suggestions? We like a good Steak & potatoe type place. No Chains. privately owned. Thanks

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  1. Satchell's Pizza is great. Friends love Burrito Brothers.

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      Once you've eaten at Satchel's pizza - you won't want to eat anywhere else, so the rest of the replies to this thread are not worth reading

      Well maybe Floyd's diner in High Springs

    2. For a steak and potatoes, try MT's Chop House ( or Mark's Prime ( MT's is closer to I75 - just a few miles down either the Williston Rd or Archer Rd exits.

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        MT's and Mark's are fine if you want expensive steaks - in the $35 range at Mark's. If you want to keep it simple, inexpensive, but still good, check out Conestoga's in the charming Main Street of Alachua, just north of Gainesville. Exit 399, turn left, go to 3rd traffic light and turn right, Conestoga's is about 100 yards up on the right.

        If you want great barbecue or pizza, exit 387, turn left, and travel about 11 miles (50-60 MPH) to Newberry. For the great pizza, turn left at Main Street and go a couple of hundred feet to Villagio's on the left. For the BBQ, continue straight through the light and Backyard BBQ will be on the left two blocks later. All good choices, all inexpensive.

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          I felt the 11 mile drive to Newberry's Backyard BBQ from G'ville was worthy since I love BBQ.

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            mmmm conestogas beer marinated steak is amazing

        2. Best burger i have ever had in my life comes from g-ville.... its called "Macs drive thru" (nick named squishy burger by my friends and i)and it is sooooo amazing words cannot express it.. get a double with fries and a sweet tea.... damn im salavating so much right now... ONLY OPEN ON THE WEEKDAYS, closes around 5pm...

          also try La Fiesta for some good mexican... if your a fan of hot foods get the chili burrito, with some milk to drink (you may need it),, im a huge connaisseur of tex mex chili gravy and theirs is amazing, with great salsa to boot

          1. Villagio Pizzeria in Newberry is worth driving from Gainesville. I drove there today after reading about it on the board. It is the best pizza I have had in Florida and I have been trying it everywhere because my job is to drive around the state.

            1. MT's Chop House is worth the $$$$ if you want great steak & service. Best in Gainesville area.
              Conestoga's is ok for hamburger steak & a beer.
              Floyds Diner in High Springs may be the worst diner in FL. (I haven't tried them all).
              Newberry's Backyard BBQ serves what Sonny's throws in the trash.