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Jul 27, 2008 01:29 PM

Best Restaurants near Doral in Miami

Going to a convention at the Doral but we want to venture out. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'd do somethig like Grazianos or Tropical Chinese.

    Edit - whoops, they may be a bit too far south (8-10 miles). Not sure of anything great that's closer but the design district is 8-10 miles east of you and you could do michel's genuine. Or you could go a bit further north and try michys (still about 8-10 miles from you).. Sorry, best I could do.

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      Chef Sami's is located just down the block (west) on 41st Street (in the shopping center with BlockBuster and it's quite good....Also in that strip mall is a very casual sushi restaurnant called Sushi Joe and it's solid.....Further west by a few blocks is Bruschettas....and nuvo-italian restaurant that while not great is quite solid......Even further west (by just a few blocks) is an Argentinan steak house and on the north side of the street is Los Parrilleros that's pricey but quite good......There is a Chispas located next to Hampton Inn that's pricey and well....not that good......For Sports Bar fun you can head south on 87th avenue and hit the Doral Ale House......I work in this area and hit these establishments on a regular basis......


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        Thanks for the detailed suggestions. We love sushi and plan to stop by Sushi Joe. We are on a quest for good sushi in Miami. During our last vist we tried Sushi Maki (sp?)...never again. And had Sushi Chef delivered - simple sushi, pretty good for the price, no fancy service platters. We will used them again, especially when we want delivery. What type of food does Chef Sami's offer?

      2. re: tpigeon

        Thanks for the suggestions. I am looking forward to visiting the design district. I heard there is an ethopian restaurant there but I do not have the name of it yet...Over the year of visiting, I've never seen an Ethopian restaurant in MIA, but plan to take in a meal.

        1. re: 2cooks5eaters

          Sheba. If you've had Ethiopian elsewhere, it's only decent by comparison to others I've had - but it's still good.

          Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant
          4029 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL

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            Frod- Isn't there a Korean BBQ place you were recommending recently located in Doral?

                1. re: Frodnesor

                  You are right. It was okay. Service was sooooo slow, even though the crowd was light. I ate a basic bagel roll and dragon roll, but the decor was so depressing, it took my appetite. The place needs a lot of work inside and inside. It has two names Sakura and SOOWOO. A mixture of about three cultures and that may explain the current decoratoring nightmare. On to a new spot..

                2. re: yomyb

                  There is another Korean, Myung Ga, much better than Sakura. It is not a BBQ house, so while they offer BBQ it comes on hot plate instead of grill your own. Just so you know. Their pancake is very good, and their combo, priced slightly south of $20, includes a soup or casserole and a BBQ, is a generous portion.

                  Second the rec for Sushi Joe. their site is Try their Chanpon noodle. Delicious.

              1. re: 2cooks5eaters

                Some of the best sushi in town -- Matsuri, is 8-10 miles se of you. It is not amazing but very good and very well priced. I second Frod's comments about sheeba btw/

                1. re: tpigeon

                  One other restaurant that I wanted to Doral Seafood....It's in the Publix shopping 41st Street and 97th Avenue.....It's a Peruvian restaurant....and their food is outstanding.....A bit on the pricey side but very good nonetheless.....My favorite is their fried fish chunks with buttery garlic sauce.....And again....all of the places I've mentioned are less than a 5 minute drive from the Doral Resort & Spa.......


            1. In Yelp, Loven Ovens in Doral got several 5-stars (and none lower) reports for Italian and pizza. Probably worthwhile to check it out.

              8373 NW 12th St
              Miami, FL 33126
              (305) 592-2828

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                I've eaten at Loven Oven many times.....It's very, very good.....A simplistic pizza the crust....great lunch-tiime spot.....It's located on NW 12 Street and 84th Ave.....In the Beacon Center......Great recommendation........


                1. re: LargeLife

                  Great suggestions. We cannot wait to make the trip. Thanks to all

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