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Jul 27, 2008 01:29 PM

What' the most aromatic butter u can get in Toronto

Doing some baking experiments and found that the butter I've been using (Lactantia) is not as aromatic as I want. Anyone has any idea where I can find better and more aromatic better?


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  1. Have you considered doing your own butter blends?

    1. If you're looking for sweetness President's Choice has a "Normandy" style butter. Very sweet. It's nice but personally I have to be in the mood for it as it is quite sweet. And very aromatic. I haven't found any in No Frills but pretty much any Loblaws or Superstore would carry it.

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        Are you looking for cultured butter or flavoured butter?

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          I am looking for cultured butter.

          I am making laminated pastry for tart shells, after a few tries, the texture is similar to what I had before the but aroma is not quite there. So I am just hoping to see if other kinds of butter would make it better.

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            Out of curiosity, what butter did you previously use that gave you satisfactory results?

            As mentioned by others in this thread President's Choice does make a Normandy style butter. L'Ancêtre Bio Organic is the Québec butter referred to below. You can buy it at Fiesta Farms on Christie.Organic Meadow (an Ontario producer) butter is also available at FF.

            And, yes, if you visit Québec you will find a vast array of artisanal cheeses and butters. Here's an article on the latter:

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              Thanks for the info. It wasn't something that I used before, rather what I had in Hong Kong that I am trying to reproduce. That's why I am looking for suggestions. :)

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                Hmmm, what did you have? Is it possible that lard was used?

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          Normandy style butter huh? Didn't know about that. I live quite close to a Superstore, may be I'll drop by tomorrow to see if I can find it. Wonder if the moisture content in that butter is lower as well...

          1. re: wciu

            It has a slightly higher fat content and would, logically, have a slightly lower moisture content. There IS a difference, which some people notice but many others don't.

            It would probably be helpful for your tart shells. Simply spread on neutral crackers, I'm not so sure.

            I gather there are many artisanal butters you can get in Quebec, but only one of these is legal in Ontario. Pusateri's carries this one, but I believe it is salted. There's a decent chance that a few major cheese sources might have some options, such as All the Best or a couple of places in the Queensway area.

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              Love the PC Normandy. Buy it when eating it fresh and make curls out of it. Delish.

          2. Although I haven't tried any 'baking' tests, I've reported on several threads about 'taste'.
            Regrettably (for you) I would have recommended the Lactantia - all around the best 'value' - I've found a few other butters that are comparable - but all more expensive (there's a brand called 'Organic Meadow' that's fairly widely available, but no better (IMO) and costs about 50% more).
            Absolutely I would recommend the President's Choice - although (as mentioned above) it is definitely sweeter to the taste, so I'm not sure how well it will fare in baking (both salted and unsalted available). There was a 'My Compliments' version available at one time (less sweet) but it hasn't been seen in my local supermarket for some time.

            One solution that may help - you can sometimes find 'whey butter' for sale. I'm not a complete fan, but find that when mixed with lactantia I get a pretty good 'blend' that has something 'extra'. I use AT LEAST 50% Lactantia though.
            There is a revolving selection of imported butter at Schefflers (In St Lawrence market), but last time I checked didn't see any cultured butters - and be SURE to check expiry dates there as Schefflers are not too concerned about removing items past the expiry date. I've had rancid butter from there in the past.

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              Thanks for the suggestions. I do agree that Lactantia is one of the better ones, but I only tried a few brands so I was thinking there might be some special ones around that I didn't know about. These are great feedback, and I'll definitely test them out and report back.

              1. re: estufarian

                If you're looking for Whey Butter for that blend, one source I've found is Reid's Dairy. Here in Markham they seem to have it consistently, and at the same price as their regular butter. Check to see if there's a location near you. Good luck!

              2. I'm all about the Normandy style butter. It's really the closest I have come to French butter. Even after ordering the Echire Beurre after reading a previous post about butter... I think PC wins! Even the salted is as good as the unsalted.

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                  Echire is one of the great butters on planet earth.