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When did Creolina's close?!

I'd planned to dine there last night after seeing The Dark Knight at the Imax in downtown Ft, Lauderdale, but found the place closed. Emptied out in fact, with nothing left but a little Zagat plaque in front.

I called their number today but no one answered.

One of my favorite places in the area. I reviewed it, in fact, for the Herald a few years back, posted here: http://www.wordsonwords.com/reviews/C...

Very sad. Had a wonderful dinner at Sublime instead. Still...

Anyone know anything?

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  1. sign of the times, lots of restaurants are closing.

    1. Walked by couple days ago. Took a peek though the storefront, eveything was gone....

      I had such a good memory of the place...especially Rosie during the lunch shift! Where else can I get a decent crawfish, red bean & rice.

        1. Very sad . . . one of my favorite restaurants for lunch when I worked downtown. Food was always excellent and a fun atmosphere. And then there was Mary . . .

          1. Break out the Dixie and jambalaya - they're back!

            "Creolina’s, the New Orleans-style restaurant in Fort Lauderdale’s Himmarshee district, will reopen in Davie by September. Mark Sulzinski's new restaurant, Creolina’s Dixie Take Out, will be located at 13150 W. State Rd. 84 in the Randal Plaza."


            And Rosie's coming along.

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              Sounds like we will have a new spot to hit on the way to the Bank Atlantic Center

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                Great news! Not the greatest location, but whatever...

                Here's the permalink to the post, btw:

              2. I suppose it's some sort of omen that I recently came across the jar of habañero jelly Mark made for me years ago when they were on Sistrunk Boulevard (I loved that location far more than the downtown one -- there was a certain energy added by the organic nature of the parking lot that required the patrons to all have to interact to deal with parking and unparking -- there were 4 long parking spots that each held 3 or 4 cars.. so people were constantly having to move cars for each other to get out). The jelly disappeared shortly after I brought it home and I couldn't find it forever.. and there it was last week: 2 moves after I brought it home years ago, popping out of a hiding spot.

                1. It closed approximately three months ago... The chef said that the rent was raised (again) and it was impossible for him to keep things going. They also lost a few star servers and, to me, it didn't seem like the new staff was as passionate about the food and wine as the previous staff. Que sera, sera. The post about their re-opening is true... we are simply waiting for the doors to open. :) I am wondering about whether or not the food is suited to Davie though- it may be that the Creolina fans are willing to travel (I hope so). :)

                  1. Anyone know if this place has re-opened? If so, has anyone tried it?

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