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Jul 27, 2008 01:08 PM

Where to buy live Blue crabs in Cape May area?

My family and i are heading down to cape may. We love buying live blue claws and cooking them at home. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

thanks in advance!

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  1. The Lobster house right at the entrance to CM has a real good seafood market, also the road from the Crest to CM has a road shack that sells at market price also(don't know the name). If you want some easy family fun about 10 minutes west is an enclosed pool structure that has crabs you catch and pay for. We went 2years ago and had a blast. Its behind a minature golf course I think in Rio Grande again I don't know the name. Good Luck.

    1. I always get my crabs from Budds Bait and Tackle in the Villas. He's just down Fullingmill Road off Bayshore Road (near the new Wawa). He has the best prices around and will reserve them if you call. 609-886-6935. If you're coming down Rt. 47, you can get crabs and some other seafood, at Juniors, in Green Creek just before the turnoff to the Villas. I'd recommend getting them at either of these places rather than Lobster House. It will probably be cheaper and much less crowded, especially on the weekends. I do get all my other seafood from Lobster House, however. Just don't eat there. And if you're here all week, the Tuesday afternoon (3-7 I think) Farmers Market is West Cape May is great for local produce. If you go, make sure to get JB's NC style pulled pork sandwich. Possibly the best I've ever had. I'm getting one today. Hooray!