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Jul 27, 2008 01:06 PM

Replacement rack for speckled enamel "waterbath" canner?

I was given one of those giant blue speckled enamel "waterbath canner" kettle as a gift awhile back; I don't know the brand or the size (huge!). I would like to actually use it as a waterbath canner for tomatoes, but the rack was not included or has been lost or whatever.

Where can I buy a replacement rack for it? Also, I was looking on and I see they have a few racks for sale, but they list the size by the number of quarts (say 33 quarts). I think my kettle will hold 7 one quart jars (well, it could hold 8 if you could put one in the center, but I don't think that's typically done, or am I mistaken?). Anyone know what size of rack I need for this?

P.S. I just went to my local Fleet Farm to buy jars and lids and other supplies and they had tons of canning stuff, but not replacement racks...

Thank you!


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  1. How about...


    Now my granny used a cast iron trivet in the bottom of hers so the jars would be elevated and then a jar lifter. If she didn't use something on the bottom the jars come too close to direct heat and break, as she says.

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      Hey, that looks perfect, thank you!

      I think it would take several cast iron trivets at the bottom of this canner to elevate all seven jars. I figure (hope!) I have a lifetime of canning ahead of me, so, it's probably worth the $10 to buy a rack for it.

      We have a jar lifter we use with our pressure canner and it's just awesome!