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Jul 27, 2008 12:39 PM

Ba Le Linda Vista Reopens - San Diego

For those who have asking. Ba Le Linda Vista has opened up in the old Dai Tan Market location:

6959 Linda Vista Rd, #G
San Diego, CA

It is now Ba Le Super Market and Sandwiches.

The sandwich area is still being built, and should be finished next week. You can still get sandwiches by ordering at the register. Someone will run to the back of the market and make them for you. Sandwiches reflect the rising costs - they run from $3 to $3.50. The current "special" is buy 2 get one free.

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  1. Good to know - I have been wanting to try this place. Thanks Kirk!

    1. How are they compared to the former locale next to viendong

      1. How are the sandwiches here compared to K Sandwiches?

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        1. re: DougOLis

          The sandwiches are the same as in the previous location, that would be the shorter, more standard baguette, the fillings tend toward the milder side in flavor, as well as sometimes being too dry. Pickles are the larger cut style. At least they didn't over-toast the Banh Mi I had...Ba Le had a habit of over toasting the bread so that it was a hard as rock.
          It is half way between the Gringo-Mi(what my friend has dubbed K, Lee's, and Cali Baguette Express) and the stuff you'll get from Cafe Dore, et al...
          Just my opinion, I tend toward the more traditional, street-food versions.