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Jul 27, 2008 12:35 PM

Help me choose

Hello, my husband and I will be staying in the French Quarter at the end of October. I need help deciding dinner for 2 of the nights. I would like at least one of the two dinners to be a tasting menu. I have narrowed it down to the following:
K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen, Cochon, Bon Ton Café, August, and Antoine's.. Any advice or suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance.

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  1. i had two great meals last year at cochon & restaurant august. i didn't eat at them this year(tho i did eat at chef link's other restaurant herbsaint), i was trying out other spots but i can say that something as simple as the BUTTER at restaurant august left us slackjawed(it's churned fresh every day). i had their tasting menu w/matching wines & it was terrific & thoughtful(i wrote about this last's here somewhere i suspect). as for cochon, my vegetarian dinner partner had her favorite meal there which is incredible when you think about what the place is dedicated to(pig). but they cover all the bases & the vegetarian selections were(as in most really good southern cooking)excellent & tasty.

    have fun.

    1. You've got a wide variety listed. August is by far the most creative and forward thinking of the bunch. Skip Antoine's for sure. Bon Ton is comfort food. K-Paul's is cajun, and cochon is a new take on cajun. Long story short, August is the best on your list. In fact, August is probably the only one on the list that actually has a tasting menu.

      1. With the benefit of other posts to your's, I would recommend Restaurant August and Stella! Antoine's is, unfortunately, a shell of its former self. You might hit it right, but my bet would be NO. Bon Ton is great, but I'd hold it over for lunch. Cochon is also great, but more for lunch, given your schedule. Have not dined with Chef Paul, in too many years, but he's been getting a lot of good recs. Cannot comment on K-Paul's now.



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          I wrote out a response and realized Bill had already said the same thing. So, what he said! I would suggest the oysters alvin from Bon Ton if you do go there for lunch. Mmmmmm...

          1. re: TigerAtty

            Oysters Alvin. It's been many years, since we dined at Bon Ton, but I do not remember this dish - maybe newish, or maybe just the grey matter not functioning any more. I'll check it out. Wife has been talking about going back to Bon Ton, and I agree with her.

            Heck, I need a month in NOLA, just to catch up on the cuisine. This bit about doing 3 old favs., and adding 2 new spots, is just not cutting it.

            Thanks for the rec.


        2. I had a great meal at K-Paul's a couple of months ago, when the weather was still nice. We had a table out on the balcony, overlooking the courthouse. It was great. In October, it just might be cool enough to sit outside, it's a great place to dine and people watch! The Jazz Band that plays downstairs outside, is nice to listen to during dinner.

          1. From your nominees, I would definitely go with Restaurant August and K-Paul's (had dinner at both last week and they were blissful). If your requisite is a tasting menu, in the same areas and food genres, keep August and check out Cuvee or Stella!

            October is a sublime time in New Orleans. Have a spectacular time!