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Jul 27, 2008 12:12 PM

Red Ganache ?

I'd like to make a volcano cake with red ganache. It should be the centerpoint of a very volcano-centric birthday explosion party for a 6-yr-old and must therefore meet 2 requirements:
tasty enough for the grown-ups and tons of fun for the kids. I suppose a third requirement would be that it should be "honest" food, ie: not based on food coloring or artificial flavors.
Can I put just any filling in the middle of cake batter and expect it to turn out? Does anyone have a recipe for cherry or raspberry filling?
I've found these general directions: and perusing the first half of the 10 (!) volcano cake pages on chow I found comments on using white chocolate for this kind of cake.
I'm thinking I'll make a round volcano cake the traditional way a couple of inches high, then make successively smaller layers without the ganache, cut out the centers and fill with something red and yummy--lava excitement for the kids, but should be sophisticated enough for the grown-ups.
I'd love comments--ideas and past experiments--from other chowhounds.

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  1. I'm not sure about baking the cake with the fruit filling, but if you decide to do it as layers, then this is a nice and easy way to do it : heat a good quality raspberry or cherry jam so that it "melts". I then add a little lemon juice (to cut the sweetness). You can easily pour this as a yummy filler layer. This also works beautifully as a smooth glaze for the top of a cake. For your theme, it might be cute to add mini choc chips to the fruit glaze layer and tell the kids it's lava rocks. Good luck!