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Jul 27, 2008 12:08 PM

Sandwich for Hollywood Bowl???

I'm going to the Bowl tonight and my boyfriend requested sandwiches in our picnic basket. Can anyone suggest a place to get a couple super yummy east coast type deli sandwich that would keep well for a few hours? Extra points for a suggestion on the east half of the city.


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    1. Being that it is sunday, that is a tough one. Try Bristol Farms, Sunset & Fairfax or maybe Whole Paycheck at Santa Monica & Fairfax. I do not know how late Monte Carlo in Burbank is open or Marios in Glendale. Eagle Rock Italian Deli closes at 1 or 2. Sorry I am not more help. Good Luck!

      1. i don't know about east coast style. but there are two great eastside places for sandwiches. one is say cheese in silverlake and the other is cafe metro on the south side of wilshire just west of vermont.

        1. Doughboys is near the Bowl, and they do a whole picnic for two deal, sandwiches, salad, fruit, dessert, comes in a picnic basket and everything, as does Joans on 3rd, Bristol Farms, Zankou Chicken, and Little Door Next Door. I think the Bristol Farms one might even include wine.

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            i dunno about "new york deli" types. i took 2 banh mi's to the concert last nite and 1 of Asian ushers yelled out: whoah! banh mi! cool!

          2. east half - tough for me. Langer's but i think it closes at 4pm.

            If anyone else reads this thread - two suggestions for the east valley - Art's deli in studio city, and don adrian's for a tasty alternative - cemitas sandwiches, kester and victory i think.