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Jul 27, 2008 11:46 AM

Green Chile Burrito Tucson

Looking for any info for the Tucson area. I crave the amazing Green Chile Burritos that I used to have as a kid. Stringy beef, delicious sauce and chunks of green chile. So far I have yet to find a place in Tucson to handle this obsession. Any advice.

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  1. I was a kid in Tucson from '59-'62, Scottsade lafter that. It is really difficult to find Green Chile (con Carne - Beef) now. I'm heading to Southern AZ tomorrow, but it's quite a task finding a good GC place for a Sonoran burro! I'll keep lookin'!

    1. If you want the real sonoran style chile verde made with beef in Tucson stay away from the fast food burrito joints and taco trucks their menus say they have green/red chile but it's usually beef thats cooked and shredded and they just throw green/red chili sauce in the burrito when they build it. my suggestions if you want the real thing.

      El Molinito- 22nd just west of craycroft
      Laruas-Broadway just east of campbell
      Molinas Midway-belvedere & speedway (about 1block south of speedway) Best carne seca also.
      La Buena-22nd& So. 4th Ave.

      Theres a few others, kind of hard to find.

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        Green chile is sortof an obsession of mine. In Tucson, can one find green chile made with pork? Are tomatillos used in the sauce? Yuma has several different forms of green chile, but I'm not very familiar with Tucson cuisine.

        1. re: Ed Dibble

          I couldn't tell you Ed. I myself have never had green chile made with pork in Tucson, I've had it elsewhere, and it was quite good.

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            Thanks for the response. A couple of years ago, I wrote a blogpost about some of the stranger "old-school" green chilies in Yuma. We also have the pork/tomatillo versions (what I think of as CA style). If you're interested: