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Best Burger in New Port Richey Area?

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Hi all,

We are looking to bring our crew to a have a GREAT burger! so we are looking for your opinions. As we all travel the country building our new locations with our business we like ot bring our crew out for a :great burger" night. We have been to the following over the last year and are always loking for new places. Especially the one-offs. any suggestions? And these are serious burger guys! We are staying in New Port Richey FL but will travel within a half hour or so.

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  1. That was the very first thing I asked when I arrived in NPR 2 years ago. No one I asked had any idea. Since then, well, my guy loves the burgers at Lucky Dill, which is on Alt 19 in Palm Harbor. Also, I've heard good things about Five Guys (I think that's what it's called). It's off Rte 54, in the stores and restaurants just off Duck Slough. I'm not sure if it's considered Trinity or NPR, but just head due West on 54, you'll see it on your right after you pass Little Road.


    1. Bump! Looking for a great non-chain burger in/around New Port Richey. So far I've found Breakfast Station and Caposey's for breakfast and Pit Boss for great BBQ.

      Now I need to find a great burger!


      Breakfast Station
      10039 US Highway 19, Port Richey, FL 34668

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        when i moved here from NY four years ago, as soon as we arrived we wanted a good burger. asked and asked...and everyone said hmmmm i don't know of anywhere.

        when i want a burger these days, i go to Lucky Dill on Alderman and Alt 19 (I think it's Palm Harbor) or I head up to 5 Guys at 54 and Duck Slough. I'm kind of picky, I'll admit...but if you can find a good burger locally, PLEASE fill me in.

        1. re: Manderley

          Thanks Manderley...Five Guys is fine but I'm not too into chains. I'll check into Lucky Dill.

          I still have a place in NYC but need to find some good eats down here in the Sun :)


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            hahaha just noticed i had the same response to this question 2 years earlier. at least i'm consistent!

      2. I had the cheeseburger here a week ago and it was fantastic. I was there at night but noticed a sign advertising a lunch special: burger and a beer for around 5 bucks. This is a nice laid back bar and restaurant with a full dinner menu.

        Alex Place
        7845 Grand Blvd, Port Richey, FL 34668

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        1. re: Peeler1

          Thanks for this. Will definitely give it a try!


          PS - There's a little Punjabi place called Taj Mahal Curry on 19 across from Publix (a few doors down from Goodyear). I got some takeaway two weeks ago and it was very good! The place needs business so please, give it a try!


          1. re: TipsyMcStagger

            I finally tried the burger at Alex Place. Not bad! Not my favorite bun but definitely a good, flavorful, inexpensive restaurant burger. I think it was $8 for a 3/4 lb burger with fries. Wings were good too.

            Worth a try!


            Alex Place
            7845 Grand Blvd, Port Richey, FL 34668