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Jul 27, 2008 10:19 AM

Best Dosa in Downtown Toronto?

I'm going to be in Toronto for a few days in August, and am
wondering where the best Dosa place is Downtown? If I had
my car, I'd go to Sarvanah Bhavan, but on this trip I'll just
have access to public transport. Any suggestions?

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  1. South Indian Dosa Mahal, Bloor just east of Landsdowne. Delicious dosa, killer kotthu rotti, lovely lassi and wonderful owners. Their veggie curry is, in a word, sublime, especially if you can get the smoky eggplant curry.

    Damn, went and made myself hungry, and they're closed on Sundays...

    1. I've had great Dosas at Siddhartha(the vegetarian one) on the south side of Gerrard before Coxwell. They also have Dahi Poori which are absolutely wonderful. For those like me, not familiar with South Indian cooking, these are small lentil cups filled in consecutive layers with curried chickpeas, yogurt, tamarind and cilantro! Quite the best thing on a very hot day. You get the taste of each succesive layer as you bite in to it.

      1. Like I said in this post:

        Udupi Palace - paper masala dosa!!!

        It is not exactly downtown - but it is accessible by streetcar - very easily.

        1. Just outside downtown - but closer than anything else mentioned (so far).
          Rashnaa (bus from Wellesley station for about 5 mins).

          1. I had an amazing dosa last week at Madras Masala. It's a very new South Indian restaurant (only open a week or two), but hubby and I were blown away by the deliciousness of everything we ordered and by the helpfulness of our server. They have a vast variety - not just the rolled kinds. We got the special rava masala dosa (#76), which is folded and contains cream of wheat and rice in the batter. I posted a long review last week and scanned their takeout menu.

            It's located at 796 Bloor St. W. in a small plaza with another Indian restaurant (northern) called Banjara right on the edge of Christie Pits. You would get off at Christie Station and walk west along the north side of Bloor, about a block or so. It is pretty hard to miss!

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              Good to know. I moved out of the neighbourhood but am glad to hear that Banjara has an equally worthy neighbour now. Does MM do take-out?

              1. re: mrbozo

                They do take-out. No delivery.

                For a copy of their take-out menu find my post with menu scan here: