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Jul 27, 2008 09:48 AM

Ft. Worth - Sundance Square restaurant

Will be leaving soon to go to the Kimball Art Museum and am looking for a great restaurant for a late lunch..maybe in Sundance Square. Need recommendation!

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  1. Reata is your best bet in Sundance Square. If you're looking for Tex/Mex, maybe try Cabo's.

    reata dot net is the website to check out.

    Have fun!!

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    1. re: txump

      Second the recommendation for Reata. WONDERFUL food with beautiful decor. Have the goat cheese salad and the tenderloin tamales!

      If you feel like lighter fare, the cafe at the Museum of Modern Art right across the street from the Kimbell is nice. Their food is more New American, but it is also really good.

    2. Daddy Jacks has decent seafood and pretty good prices. Cantina Laredo if you are in a TexMex mood.