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Metro North Restaurants

The thread about the new brewpub in Peekskill got me thinking about how many good & great places there are within walking distance of the various Metro North stations, from 5 star places to a good burger & beer joint.

The first one that comes to mind is Peter Kelly's H2O right in back of the Yonkers (Hudson Line) station.

What's your favorite?

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  1. pretty much all the great restaurants in Port Chester are within a 5 minute walk - or less.

    Here's a few:

    Tortilleria Los Gemelos
    Q Restaurant Bar & Grill
    Paleteria Fernandez
    Misti ala Brasa Restaurant

    Loads and loads more! Port Chester is GREAT if you are coming up Metro North.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      Downhill alert on Q Adamclyde. Had a very, very bad meal there recently which followed several mixed review meals pre-fire. I am very sad.

      1. re: laylag

        I had an extremely disappointing first experience there a couple of weeks ago while visiting NY. I went for take out on a Wednesday night around 8:30 jonesing for pulled pork and ribs. They were all out of everything on the combo menu except brisket and sausage. I couldn't believe it - over half the menu items were not available! I went with the brisket w/ sides of beans and mac -n- cheese. The brisket and beans were simply ok and the mac -n- cheese tasteless and gummy. My meal was close to $20 and for that much I think I should have gotten twice as much food as I did. At my usual BBQ haunts in Boston, where I live, I enjoy terrific food at half the price and twice the portion size and NEVER have they run out of staple menu items like pulled pork and ribs!

        1. re: alt11

          Not surprised alt11. Sometime back I'd ordered take-out around 7:30pm on a Sunday night. When I arrived some 20 mins. later there was a sign on the door saying they were closing early as they'd run out of almost all meats. There were still people inside so I entered expecting my order to be there but was told no, sorry they'd run out and that included the take-out order they accepted from me, so sorry I'd driven from two towns away. Service and management in there was never a strong suit but now that food has gone downhill there's little to recommend it anymore.

      2. Irvington is a gold mine with offerings such as One, Red Hat Bistro, Il Sorriso, the place where Fuffi use to be (sorry I forgot the name of it) and there's also a new Indian restaurnt across from One.

        1. Bridgeport CT:

          Miss Thelma's - soul food

          Cafe Roma - Italian

          Two Boots - pizza

          Waterbury CT:

          La Cazuela - Dominican

          Island Cafe - Jamaican

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          1. re: JohnnyCT

            Iron Horse in Peekskill, housed in what WAS the train station.

            1. re: Nancy C

              There's an Iron Horse in Peekskill?? Is it related to the Iron Horse in Pleasantville? I thought Kellys (I think it's still there) was in the Peekskill train station?

              1. re: GIOny

                Yikes - forgive my brain freeze. Pleasantville, indeed for IH!!!

          2. In Pleasantville:

            Bollywood Bistro - Indian...good, not great, but good
            McArthur's - typical grill/bar food, I remember it being a bit overpriced
            Magic Wok - pretty nice eat-in (or take out) Chinese
            Pleasantville Pizzeria - pretty good, but not great pizza
            Iron Horse
            Jackson & Wheeler

            I haven't been to the last 2, but I've heard good things.

            Sunset Cove
            Striped Bass
            both with great views of the Hudson (obviously)

            Mahoney's, literally right at the train station - have only had appetizers here, good place for a drink
            River Station - better for cocktails and a view of the river, food is average
            Shadows - great views, pricey

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            1. re: Solstice444

              Have been 2x to Jackson Wheeler and gave up... they only seem to treat the "regulars" well, IMO. Happier at Mediterraneo, also walkable, and formerly Frodo's (now Haven).

              1. re: Nancy C

                That space has seen so many restaurants over the past few years...it seems to be constantly changing hands! Never went to it as Frodo's or now Haven, but I remember it as The Yellow Tomato, I think? And something before that...

                1. re: Solstice444

                  Frodo's to Haven is still the same hands, FYI. Just a name and slight menu change, updated decor a bit.

              2. re: Solstice444

                you can also walk to Captain Lawrence Brewery (about half a mile or so) from the Pleasantville train station on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons! (i know, no food, but awesome and free beer.... how can you beat that?)

                skip Jackson and Wheeler, go to Iron Horse although definitely far from free.

              3. Mamaroneck Station - Definitely LeProvencal and Turkish Meze. For those who are fans or just curious to see if they are worth their hype - Sal's Pizza and a bit further of a walk, Walter's.

                1. Virtually every restaurant in Bronxville is within walking distance of the station since the town is only 1 square mile. There's Rosie's, Sammy's, Haiku, etc. There's the burger joint opposite the train station whose name escapes me, plus Fogarty's on the other side of the tracks.

                  1. Dobbs Ferry : Half Moon
                    Hastings on Hudson: Blu, Harvest on Hudson, Buffet de La Guerre
                    Tarrytown: All downtown restaurants, but a walk up a hill.

                    1. There's also P.J. Kelly's at the Peekskill train station. I haven't been there in quite a few years, but enjoyed it when I did go. I was only there for lunch so just had the burgers.

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                      1. re: ltlevy

                        is kellys now the peekskill brewery or are they seperate entities?

                        1. re: corky

                          They are 2 different places but I don't think that brewery has opened up yet. Does anyone know when it's opening? I'm going to be up that way tonight so I'll check and see if there is any progress.

                          1. re: GIOny

                            OK, so it looks like the Brewery is coming along nicely, I asked the waitress in Taromino's which is next door and she said about a week or two.

                            1. re: GIOny

                              Cool, I definitely want to check it out when it opens!

                      2. In CT

                        Stamford - Duo; Mona Lisa (a few block walk)
                        New Canaan - Sole, Chings Table, Talia, Chez Louis, Bistro Bonne Nuit, Aloi
                        South Norwalk - Osetra, Coromandel, Barcelona, Pasta Nostra, Kazu, Chocopologie

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                        1. re: jfood

                          Also in CT

                          Westport/Saugatuck - Tarantino's, Conte's, Mansion Clam House

                        2. Bless you for this topic - I'd LOVE to know more off of the Harlem line. When you get to the very end (Wassaic) there is nothing within walking distance, but Serevan is nice in Amenia (http://www.serevan.com/)

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                          1. re: THewat

                            Anything in Chappaqua, Mt. Kisco, Croton Falls, or Brewster?

                            1. re: THewat

                              In Chappaqua: Le Jardin du Roi is right up the hill. They have nice garden tables--fun in good weather. I like their omelettes for breakfast and salads at lunch.

                              1. re: THewat

                                Croton Creek Steak Wine Bar is in Croton Falls.

                                1. re: hudsonvalleyfoodblog

                                  the word on croton creek via chowhound is not that good

                                  1. re: corky

                                    I was only there once and thought it was pretty good. It's your basic steak house. Outside of major cities it's hard for steak places to thrive so I think it's a good option to have in croton falls. They also offer several sauces to go with it. My experience was a positive one. I can't speak for others.

                                    1. re: corky

                                      We have been to Croton Creek twice and it was awful. The steaks were tasteless, the service terrible and they charge you for sauces.

                                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                                        Yeah a lot of people seemed to have bad experiences. Perhaps I just got them on a good night. I was only their once and it was pretty good for the area. I haven't been back since so obviously I wasn't blown away by it. Charging for the difference sauces didn't bother me.

                                      2. re: corky

                                        I ate here for lunch recently and really liked it--the decor, service and food.

                                        Croton Creek Steakhouse and Wine Bar
                                        4 Cross St, Croton Falls, NY 10519

                                    2. re: THewat

                                      Mount Kisco: My new favorite is right in the train station itself: Via Vanti (http://viavanti.com). It's a wine bar/Italian eatery with a huge not-too-expensive menu of elaborate salads, great little pizzas, creative hummus dishes, a lot of other tapas-like foods with healthy ingredients. And they specialize in gelato desserts and floats. The decor and music are very contempo Italian.

                                      Also new in town (as of 10.08) is Blue, right across from the train station/Chase bank on Main Street and next to our fave Indian "Passage to India." Blue is small with a mostly sushi menu but also a wide variety of Asian fusion dishes with accent on Thai and teriyaki dishes. Main dinner dishes range from $15 to $23. We've only been there once--walked over from the train at 9 pm and the place was empty. I felt bad for keeping the workers there, but I had a nice Pad Thai and my husband enjoyed his Rainbow Chicken. We were bummed they didn't have liquor yet but the service was with a smile. Lots of competition for this type of food in Mount Kisco already (Temptation Tea House is our current favorite; a 1-minute walk from the train, located behind Cosi's) but it's nice to see a new place in town.

                                      Via Vanti
                                      Moun Kisco, NY, Moun Kisco, NY

                                      1. re: YumPatrol

                                        I've been wanting to try Via Vanti for awhile now, do they have a liquor license?...edited to add I just checked and they do.

                                    3. re: THewat

                                      in pawling...mckinney and doyle...great food and wonderful baked goods

                                    4. Bronxville: don't overlook the terribly cozy and romantic Kraft Bistro on Kraft Ave. near the movie theater, as well as Underhill's Crossing for sidewalk seating at lunch and brunch (I wouldn't go out of my way to eat there for dinner). The new-ish upscale Italian, Scalini, is actually pretty good, and it's behind Scarborough Fair, a catering company with decent sandwich/salad/soup/dessert options. The best bagels in Westchester are on Park Place.

                                      Tuckahoe: The Tap House

                                      Tarrytown: Mima Vinoteca, Santa Fe

                                      Hartsdale: The Cheesery (not quite a restaurant, I know)

                                      White Plains: Bao's, Bob Hyland's Pub, BLTSteak

                                      Crestwood: An American Bistro

                                      Rye: Koo, Water Moon, Ruby's

                                      Sadly, I can't think of anything particularly noteworthy in the immediate vicinity of the stations in New Rochelle, Pelham, anywhere in Mount Vernon or Scarsdale (aside from very good takeout at (The Poultry Market on Popham).

                                      Totally agree with adamclyde re:downtown Port Chester. It's a treasure trove of chow-worthy spots.

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                                      1. re: vvvindaloo

                                        Tuckahoe: In addition to Tap House, Spice Village is a very nice Indian Restaurant.

                                        Fleetwood: I have always liked Joe's Fleetwood on Broad Street. The pasta and specials in the restaurant next to the pizzeria are pretty good although not necessarily worth a special trip.

                                        1. re: rolise

                                          A while back I would have said Garlic and Pepper, but I've heard (and esxperienced) a serious fall off from what it used t be. People that like thin crust Pizza rave about Roma's, but the food is pretty blah in my opinion. What about Thomas Stone? Has anyone actually eaten in this place?

                                          1. re: jhopp217

                                            I haven eaten at Thomas Stone on several occasions and always enjoy the food.

                                        2. re: vvvindaloo

                                          Isn't Mima Vinoteca up the street from the Irvington (Hudson line) station?

                                          While we're in Irvington, there's also Red Hat & Il Sorriso.

                                          1. re: cavandre

                                            You're absolutely right. Santa Fe is in Tarrytown, but Mima is in Irvington. Another great place in Irvington, walking distance from the train is One.

                                          2. re: vvvindaloo

                                            I lived on Garth Road for almost 20 years and sadly I don't even know if Gyosai and Sakura are still open, despite still living in the area. Gyosai was great, and Sakura was above average. I believe Gyosai is gone. Are there new places in those spots? it is somewhat amazing there is no restaurant in Scarsdale Village. Shocking actually!

                                            1. re: vvvindaloo

                                              Although I am not a huge fan (though others are) Al'Antica Pizzeria is at the Scarsdale Station.

                                            2. Hawthorne - Bel Paese, pretty much across the street. I've eaten there only twice, but the food was good both times.

                                              1. A couple come to mind in cold spring. I enjoy Cathryn's Tuscan Grill and Le Bouchan, both in Cold Sping. In Croton Falls there is new place called Croton Creek Steak Wine Bar. It has a nice atmosphere and decent food.

                                                1. There's a good Indian restaurant in Mt.Kisco very close to the train station...I forgot the name of it, though. Mt. Kisco isn't that big...Lefteris II is walkable, good food generally, and killer Greek salads(try ordering the Greek salad with grilled shrimp or sliced gyro meat on it).

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                                                  1. re: ronnie56

                                                    Passage to India? That's the only Indian restaurant I know of in Mt. Kisco. Although I still haven't been there, and have been meaning to try it.

                                                    Might as well mention the stop nearest to where I live...New Hamburg...no food within walking distance, as far as I know! (In case anyone was wondering!) Although I haven't admittedly been around all of the streets of New Hamburg, even though I've lived up here for 7 months now.

                                                    1. re: ronnie56

                                                      Passage to India is the one... quite good for these parts, though I prefer Jaipore in Brewster food-wise, but it's not as convenient (and definitely not convenient to Metro North to my knowledge). Other Mount Kisco likes - Temptation Tea House, Lefteris (as mentioned), Thai Angel's (a little bit of a walk but not much - just not the prettiest walk), Cafe of Love (though pricey) and Pour (a longer trek, but still walkable in my mind).

                                                      Also, the Blue Dolphin in Katonah, and I've heard good things about Le Jardin du Roi and Grappolo Locanda in Chappaqua.

                                                      Can't say I enjoyed Croton Creek though - the service was very poor when we went, my steak was poorly cooked, and overall it was not a good experience. Did like the atmosphere though.

                                                      1. re: kerryfood

                                                        I don't think Jaipore is not within reasonable walking distance of a M-N station. However, a much more manageable walk to a superior Pakistani option would be to walk north of the Hawthorne station to Westchester Grocery. Expect no atmosphere (a couple of formica tables), but stupendous food -- IMHO, way better than either Jaipore or Passage to India.

                                                        1. re: NickM

                                                          Westchester Grocery sounds fun! Went to Jaipore yesterday - it was pretty good, but pricey. They serve a buffet on Sunday night; it cost us around $70 (including a beer each & tip) for two. I'd guess it's a couple miles from the Brewster station.

                                                    2. Abatino's in North White Plains. Always good.

                                                      1. White Plains -- Aberdeen -- excellent Chinese, especially dim sum.

                                                        1. Mt. Kisco - Via Vanti in the train station, I've heard is good and Blue on Main Street. Bedrod HIlls, - Nino's right across from the station. Pleassantville - Haven, Iron Horse, Mediteranneo.

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                                                          1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                            Bar Vivaci across from the Mamaroneck Station.

                                                            La Bocca, BLT, Peniche, Vintage, 42 Zanarros, Applebees, Melting Pot - just about every restaurant on Main, Church and Mamaroneck are within walking distrance from the White Plains Station.

                                                          2. In new rochelle, there is an Indian Restaurant named Rangoli Indian cuisine thats about ~5 minute walk from metro north new haven line stop 'new rochelle'

                                                            1. Happy to report it's a very nice addition to the waterfront neighborhood in Ossining! We went tonight, since I kept seeing their little sign along Route 9. It's a little hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for (Mapquest it and they'll toss you next to SingSing prison!). But go over the railroad tracks, on the west side, and it's tucked there amid the boat/yacht clubs.

                                                              Out comes a fresh baked loaf of bread with a fine crust and good taste. I had the following: clam chowder - a generous sized bowl, good clam ratio, a touch of bacon flavor, and very yummy cream base. A "small" Caesar - fresh romaine, and a bright lemony dressing (the way I like it). Would like a smidge more parmesan next time on it.

                                                              Spouse had harvest salad (arugula, apples, walnuts, etc.) - they were nice enough to make up a half order, rather than the full dinner salad. He had a fantastic burger on ciabatta roll. Fries were rail road style, which we don't like so much, but well done.

                                                              He had a marguerita, fresh made (no mixer!) and I had an old fashioned. Had to go ask the bartender what normally goes in it... he completely forgot the cherries and the oranges... looked it up on his IPhone, which was pretty funny, and made me another one. Dessert was not great (chocolate crepes - well, a cold crepe cut into two pieces - filled with chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce underneath). Mousse was too heavy for my taste, more like ganache, and crepe was not extraordinary. Server said the best dessert is the oreo cheesecake, but we'd had cheesecake from Junior's in Brooklyn 2 days before and didn't want to spoil the memory.

                                                              Other parts of the menu look very appealing, too - pastas, steak, chicken, fish, etc. We'll definitely go back! Staff was attentive and friendly - bathroom was also quite charming! Do go check them out - keep them open! (They are open for lunch/dinner, and Sunday brunch - looked at brunch menu - has usual french toast, eggs various ways, etc.)


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                                                              1. re: Nancy C

                                                                Nancy C,
                                                                What's the name of the restaurant?

                                                                1. re: cavandre

                                                                  Sorry - silly me! It's the Boathouse Restaurant.

                                                              2. Made a reservation over a week in advance to entertain friends visiting from SF. When called to see if I could change the time by 15 minutes, was advised they had no record of my reservation and they had a large party there that (Sat.) night. I replied I had personally called to make the reservation, they said it wasn't in the book, I said their incompetence shouldn't be my problem. They couldn't accomodate me. BEWARE!

                                                                76 King St, Chappaqua, NY 10514

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                                                                1. re: stonee

                                                                  You didn't miss anything. When we ate there I found the food to be bland -even the tiramisu!

                                                                  1. re: stonee

                                                                    Last year my MIL made a reservation for my bday for a Friday night at a restaurant in the city. When we got there no record of our reservation but they did accommodate us begrudgingly. Lo and behold the next night she got a phone call asking where we were as we did not show up for our reservation. They totally did not get that they screwed up even when she called them back and reminded them that we had shown up and it was their fault they wrote it down wrong.