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Jul 27, 2008 08:46 AM

big sur oyster bar (Las Vegas)

so i read in usa today that this has one of the best grilled cheese in country- with lobster!! and i've never heard of it!!
has anybody had this grilled cheese?
worth the drive? i'm not even sure how far it is from the strip....

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  1. Big Sur Oyster Bar is located in the South Point Hotel...about 3 miles south of Mandalay Bay on Las Vegas Blvd.
    I have had the opportunity to try many of their menu items...though not the grilled cheese. I love their chowder, calamari and seabass w/ Lobster in a saffron reduction.

    I now look forward to trying the grilled cheese...yum!
    I will be staying at the South Point in 3 weeks!

    1. I'm typing this from my room at South Point. One of our group ordered the grilled cheese w/lobster a couple of days ago. He seemed pleased but not ecstatic. Of the items I've tried, my favorite is definitely the seafood wrap, which is essentially a variation on a fish taco, but with huge chunks of grilled fish (always salmon and one white fish, I think usually either sea bass or halibut), with shredded cabbage, salsa, etc. Alert: the gumbo disappointed another member of the party -- way too bland.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        i might have to try it- not for the grilled cheese but some of the rest sounds really good!!

        1. re: toncasmo

          the lobster grilled cheese is the best grilled cheese in the country ??!!? Really ?!?! I had the honor and privilege to try this sammie with the incomparable Mr. Feldman AND he picked up the tab !

          For $15 you get a decent sized sammie - and it includes homemade potato chips ( that's what swayed me from the gumbo or pan roast for lunch, the chips did , not the lobster - i love homemade chips ! ) i think the key to this sammie, does the sharp white cheddar overwhelm the sweet lobster ? This really does come down to preference / palate. i think the sharpness might be a little too much. I give higher marks to the lobster club at postrio ( but no cheese on that AND it cost almost twice as much for a similar lobster portion but i think the bacon complements the lobster more than cheddar cheese .)

          i even mention my concern to Dave before i ordered it - it reminded me of my only visit to table 10 ( the bam guy's latest vegas restaurant at the palazzo ) where i noticed that they had a lobster mac n cheese side dish and i talked myself out of ordering it fearing that the lobster would get lost in a sea of cheese sauce

          anyways, i think it's worth a try.

          as to the gumbo - my gf ordered that. i tried several bites and found the seasoning to be very disappointing - i think the palace station's comparable seafood joint ( the name escapes me - basically a seafood bar ) was/is better.

          happy eating !

          thanks again Dave - i didn't know you treated me to the best grilled cheese in the country !

        2. re: Dave Feldman

          What's it wrapped in? A flour tortilla? Have you seen any seafood salads, like a crab Louis or anything? (A real crab Louis would really be nice.)

          We have been to the South Point on the last two trips for cards, the casino is nice and airy and not too crowded, it has replaced the Red Rock on our "local casinos" rotation right now, way more time- and cost-effective what with gas over $4.00. Maybe we'll try a lunch there on our next trip next month.

          Have you been over to Amena yet?

          1. re: Debbie W

            Yes, it's wrapped in flour tortilla. No crab Louie or other seafood salads, I'm afraid. Here's the menu:

            I did visit Amena and I'd give it a mixed review. I wasn't wild about the hummus or the baba, but I thought the falaffel was superb. We didn't have a shwarma -- I'll have to visit it again. They are lovely people.

            1. re: Debbie W

              if you factor in bingo rooms - i give the nod to red rock. 2 key factors why southpointe will get limited casino biz from me - only 2 times odds on craps and they don't look at the hole card on blackjack - that is ridiculous !!!

              1. re: kjs

                Well, we only play pai gow, so they are comparable enough for me in terms of the gaming, though I can't remember if they're both using the exact same bonus structure on the high end of the fortune bonus, those tend to vary a bit between casinos. Red Rock has a nicer ambience, and I'm sure we will continue to stop in there after dinners at Rosemary's, but South Point is much more convenient for daytime play. Plus I always seem to lose at Red Rock! Haven't ventured any food at South Point yet, but have had two lunches at the bbq place at Red Rock (eh) and an adequate lunch at the seafood place which is now closed (?).

          2. I had it last summer and it was fair... I eat there once or twice a month and there are much better things to order there. The grilled cheese sandwich itself is melty, gooey, and well prepared - unfortunately, the lobster in it was tasteless. There was quite a bit of lobster meat in it (chunks). The lobster texture was there, just totally void of any lobster flavor. It may have been that our batch was defrosted under running water and leached out the flavor??? Don't really know, but I haven't ordered it again since.

            It's on Las Vegas Blvd about 5 miles south of Mandalay Bay.

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            1. re: fledflew

              The oyster bar at the Orleans is infinitely better.

              1. re: Friend of Bill

                Had the Lobster Grilled Cheese last evening! Best in the country? Not sure....?
                It was very cheesey, the bread thick and buttery...and lot's of lobster. It was missing something, I felt the rich meaty lobster need a kick. I am so used to the flavor of sea salt in my boiled lobster or a squeeze or lemon. I
                I found myself taking the salt (iodized) shaker to add some oomph!

                I substituted my side of homemade potato chips for a green salad....I needed a balance to this rich cheesy buttery sandwich!

                I am a bigger fan of Big Sur's Fresh Sea Bass, Cioppino, crab legs.......