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Jul 27, 2008 08:39 AM

Lobster Mac n' Cheese

Hey fellow Hounds:

I am on a quest to taste the best in Montgomery or Bucks counties. What say you?

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  1. Sorry, I never knew there was such a combination. But, the possible flavor of that combination evoked memories of Lobster Newburgh for me.

    Can anyone recommend a place where Lobster Newburgh is served? I remember it from childhood, but as an adult, usually just order the plain boiled lobster. I suspect the answer might be somewhere in New England!

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      Hey, start your own thread! ;-D Seriously, I am from Maine and until recently I had never heard of lobster mac n' cheese. I am a purist when it comes to lobster. But, I am intrigued by the thought of this dish.

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        lobster newburg was apparently "invented" at Delmonico's in NYC where it is still on the menu for the hefty price of $47....FYI the classic version is a brandy cream sauce not cheese

      2. Over the last year or two i started seeing it show up on menus all over the city and the burbs until it reached the point of being cliche. My girlfriend and I have a joke whenever we sit down at a restaurant we've never been to and look at a menu... for the longest time we would say to eachother either "mango salsa" or "sesame crusted tuna with wasabi-soy whatever". Now we've added lobster mac n' cheese to that list. My favorate is sesame crusted sushi tuna actually served with mango salsa... I'm waiting to see sesame tuna, mango salsa and lobster mac n' cheese all server together. That would be the all time grand cliche. Right now off the top of my head, the only place i know for sure that has it on the menu is Stell Blue in chonshy... they just had a piece written about them in Mainline mag which said the dish in question was very short on lobster and very dry. The only place I've ever actually ordered it was at Mandoline shortly before they closed... and it was not that great... I remember thinking the lobster (what little of it there was) had come out of a can.

        1. Let me preface this by saying that I know my rec is not in your reqested area, but seeing as there have been so few replies... Dilworthtown Inn in Chester co. has some amazing Lobster Mac-n-cheese.

          1. Head to the city....The Capital Grille

            1. I've never tried it, but it is on the menu at Continental.

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                I've had it at the Continental Midtown and it is very yummy! and a nice plate to share :)