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Jul 27, 2008 07:30 AM

Desperate in New Smyrna.. I'm starved!

I've been living in New Smyrna Beach for a month and a half now, moved from Baltimore. I really love it here...but the food options have been tough to handle...often appalling. I kind of expected it to be a big change...I just thought that their would at least be a few places I would want to consistently return to. So far we have eaten at several of the suggested tourist trap dives where nothing you order is actually cooked but more assembled. Because we prefer the "local" often ethnic and hard to find joints we have also eaten at Havana Cuba in Deland and Lil Neals (new smyrna), both were acceptable, but, are their any other options as far as moderate to cheap strictly local eateries are concerned? Their has go to be some authentic Mexican nearby... but I cant seem to find it. The stuff served at La Fiesta, Mi Mexico, etc is fine...but its not Mexican and its way over priced. I find it hard to believe that the local population continually supports all of the feedlot/steaks,seafood,pasta disasters that abound nearby....but when I ask for rec's these are the places they suggest..... Sorry for the rant, I really get irritated when I think about having to go out to eat lately. I know there are other threads regarding the area...but they have been little help. Im looking for the diamond in the sand..any help would be great.

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  1. I recall a great slightly divey fried fish place that is located right next to a bridge on the water. It has been several years, Spring 2004. I was sent there by the hotel clerk. I had 4 dinners in a row there. Great fried oysters. I did some research in my financial software, but it was cash only. Mrs. Doc remembered part of the name and using yahoo yellow pages came up with it. I haven't had fried oysters this good since. I am relying on you for a full report for my vicarious fried oyster experience. If i am ever in New Smyrna it will be my first destination. The motel was very pleasant too Palm Plaza on the water.
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