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Jul 27, 2008 07:21 AM

good charcuterie and BBQ?

Hello all, I am going to be in Philly for a few days and was looking for great CH places. I am interested in places that make thier own charcruterie. I was reading about Maia out by villanova. has anyone been? I am also looking for bbq. Jacks BBQ was up here in boston for a bbq festival and I thought that his stuff was pretty good. How is the restaurant?

any other ideas would be welcome.


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  1. For charcuterie, I'd give Ansill & Tria a try.

    1. The Bistro at Maia is very good and worth the drive.

      1. For house-made charcuterie you might want to try Osteria. Quite pricey, but very, very good. Pretty much everything else the serve is excellent as well.

        1. Well, I think there is a HUGE difference between charcuterie and BBQ. For charcuterie try Osteria. For BBQ, I have no idea.

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            He's not suggesting otherwise. He wants to know the best charcuterie joint AND bbq joint.