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Jul 27, 2008 07:08 AM

Spiced Pear or Mooring Restaurant

We will be visiting the Newport area for the day on Tuesday and are looking for a place for lunch. Spiced Pear and Mooring Restaurant have caught our eye. Any suggestions on these two restaurants? Visiting from Philadelphia.

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  1. The spiced pear is an amazing place. it's located at the beginning of the cliff walk, over looking the ocean. Could be quite pricy, and I would call to confirm that you are coming.
    The mooring s a good place as well, thou it sits on a dock, in the middle of downtown newport and the fare is above average seafood fare.
    If you want to eat downtown in the dock area I would suggest 22 Bowen or The Morring.

    1. Spiced Pear's patio is downright gorgeous. VERY pricey, but lunch is bearable - food isn't up to the level of the prices but it's tasty and the view makes it worth it for me.

      I happen to love The Mooring, they have a nice selection of smallish plates to mix & match (good risotto). Scallop chowder is great, and they have excellent burgers (it's not a burger joint by any means).....ask for a table on the smaller (teeny) balcony rather than the main outdoor patio, nicer views.