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Jul 27, 2008 06:52 AM

Why Did My Riedel Wine Glass Turn Red?

Or pink rather right at the bottom of the bowl? I use this glass for just about everything including red wine, white wine, beer, spirits, etc. Can anyone hazard a guess?


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  1. The crystal has a million little imperfections on the surface (gives champagne all those little bubbles) I tend to rinse mine out after drinking anything especially red wine. The best thing to do with it once it has become stained is to put a touch of oxyclean in the glass and fill with water and let it soak a while, then clean as usual.

    1. I use alcotab tablets to clean my Reidel decanter and glasses. It is especially useful for the decanter, which as many do, requires flexible brushes to really get at the deposits. This product gets the stuff out and all you do is rinse.

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        It's wine sediment. Don't use chemicals: use white vinegar (2/1 with water.) Let it soak a while, then rinse.