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Jul 27, 2008 06:39 AM

Charlotte, GFL Doing Dim Sum For Lunch

I am going with a bunch of friends to have a Dim Sum Lunch today at Dim Sum Restaurant on Central Avenue. We will be a large group so we will get one of the big round table with a lazy susan. A big group is the way to go as you get to try a taste of more items. A big group also improves the odds that a least a couple of folks besides you are up for trying that slightly exotic dish that your wife will not even think about. That being said even the Godfather wont be chowing on any chicken feet. The lazy susan makes it easy and fun to pass plates around. Should be a blast.

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  1. How was it? We love going there, half for the food and half for the experience of watching everyone else. You can make special requests if there's something you don't see and they'll usually cook it for you within minutes.

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      Everything was just great. Enjoyed all the dumplings,2 green veggies( not sure what they were ) roast duck and roast pork rocked. I love to step out of the box and have something totally different sometime. No, I did not have the chicken feet. I like to be different not crazy