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PF Chang's - what to order?

Like most folks on this board, I completely hate chains and much prefer good authentic flavors. That all said, I go to PF Chang's fairly often because it is a very convenient location for me and my girlfriends to have our girls night. Honestly, the food is usually pretty good, but there have been alot of hit or miss dishes. Their lettuce wraps, wonton soup, and fried rice are quite good. Conversely, I've had a few less than stellar dishes including shrimp with garlic sauce. So, what are some of the better dishes I should order next time I am there?

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  1. I really enjoy the Mongolian Beef...I have tried it in other Chinese places and I don't like it nearly as much.

    1. I really like the Orange Beef- it's sweet, so I like to add a good dose of the hot sauce they serve.

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        The orange beef is my favorite!

        The kung pao chicken and mongolian beef are also super-good.

        The Chang's chicken (their version of General Tsao chicken) USED TO be good, but they've changed it. It's in a really bland yellow sauce now, gross actually. In fact when my husband ordered it last time we were there, he asked if that was in fact the Chang's chicken, and they said yes. Seriously?

      2. I like the strip steak and the sea bass.

        If they have a duck cooker then the duck can be good. Not all P.F. Chang's have the cooker however.

        Just had lunch there, they are down the street, too easy.

        1. I'm not a big fan of chains either, but I do like PF Changs. I love the double fried noodles, and ask for them extra spicy.

          1. I like the Singapore Street noodles, minus the shrimp.

            1. My girlfriend and I love both lamb dishes: the wok-seared lamb (her favorite) and the Chengdu spiced lamb (my favorite). I also love the dan-dan noodles (wide, flat rice noodles) and the Tam's noodles, which are kind of gnocchi-like and a little spicy, and come with beef and shrimp. The salt and pepper calamari is our favorite appetizer.

              1. I order the Mongolian Beef every time... omg so good

                1. Their mongolian beef is great. Also LOVE their potstickers or peking dumplings as they call them. They are the best I have ever had. Great shot glass desserts that are single serving and pretty low calorie surprisingly!

                  1. absolutely crave their lettuce wraps. They are great and the vegetarian version is less than 300 calories of deliciousness!

                    1. We tend to keep it light with the Shrimp dumplings. Get them pan fried, they are so much better than steamed and the difference in calories is less than a stick of gum! We also enjoy the ahi. If feeling indulgent, Moo shu is very good too. We also love chang's spicy chicken and the crispy honey shrimp/chicken. Very removed from Chinese cusine, but still yummy

                      1. The first thing I look for on any menu is fish. I love Chang's Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Steamed w/Ginger (it's cooked medium/medium-rare which is exactly how I like it). I also like the Citrus Soy Salmon and Lemongrass Prawns from the Grill Menu. My wife's a big fan of Chang's Spicy Chicken. We both like the lettuce wraps and the hot & sour soup. I like their fried dumplings and she goes for the salt & pepper calamari. We both like both of the lamb dishes. It's one of just a few chains that we frequent.

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                          In El Paso, TX this week on business...noticed a PF Changs down the street from my hotel.......
                          Stopped in and sat @ the Bar....they were introducing 3 new items tonight!
                          A Braised Short rib, a new sliced steak dish w/ asparagus and a volcano shrimp appetizer.....
                          I went w/ the chengdu spicy lamb...as it is one of my all time favorite lamb dishes....I love the cumin and charred flavors....it was wonderful!

                        2. I like the orange peel chicken (it has a bit of spice) and chicken in black bean sauce. My husband likes the Mongolian beef. I think the taste is good, but the beef is not as tender as I would like.

                          1. I love the double fried noodles extra spicy, and the pin noodle soup. I get cravings for them sometimes....

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                              I don't think the pin noodle soup, which I also like, is on the menu anymore!

                            2. Since I like searing heat, nothing comes to mind. Chang's won't make a dish with big heat even if you ask. Oh, they'll say "yes ma'am", but what is served won't deliver on the promise.