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Jul 27, 2008 05:43 AM

Good Venice take out?

We'll be staying in a flat near Academia with a kitchen so will sometimes cook but would also like occasional take-out. Would be very grateful for any recommendations.

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  1. Since most shops around the Academia are galleries and cafes, your best bet is probably around Campo San Barnaba where there are various food shops, including couple of bakeries and delis. There is an excellent wine shop off the Campo on Fondamenta Gherardini. There are two supermarkets that are within walking distance, Billa on the Zattere and Punto on the bottom of Campo Santa Margherita. Both have large deli departments with decent food and good prices.

    1. Im not sure that takeout, ie. buying full prepared meals at a restaurant and not eating them there, it a concept recognized very much in Italy. YOu can buy some prepared foods and partially prepared meat at supermarkets, butchers and other food shops, of course but the full takeout concept or for that matter food delivery concept doesnt ring a bell and the foods would mostly not lend themselves to steaming in a takeout container and losing their freshness.
      Light meals of bread and cheese, salumi and fruit with a bottle of wine would be more the thing - if you dont want to cook or eat out.

      PBSF's recommendations are good ones, and the restaurant cluster around C. San barnaba includes a number of very good, reasonably priced places. .

      1. It's not super close to Accademia but check out Aliani on the Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni in San Polo/Rialto area - they have killer take out there. Unless something has changed recently there is a tavola calda take-out place closer to Accademia on the Crosera up above Campo Santa Margherita, though the food I have had there doesn't come close to what I've had from Aliani or some of the take-out places in Florence or Rome.

        Have fun!

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          Aliani's prepare food, cured meat and cheese are all excellent. Their selection of prepare items is smaller than the supermarkets and very expensive. It is convenient if one is shopping at the Rialto (closer to the Rialto than Campo San Polo) but is a long stroll from the Academia, especially through the narrow and crowded main thoroughfare.

          1. re: PBSF

            Carrying a bag of food for 10 minutes doesn't bother me so much. A bag of wine on the other hand... :)

            1. re: Shannon

              Thanks very much for helpful information, which we'll use. I had read on this board about Vecio Fritolini where one can get a cornet of fried fish to go, so I had been wondering about informal, street food sort of take out.

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                Except for the usual street food of pizza slices, sandwiches and bakery items, I don't find much take outs and eating on the go.

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                  there are gelato places and such, and of course some really good bakeries. Eating out in Italy is a restaurant culture, tho. Why not let yourself relax into whats on offer? You ought to give some of those relatively non-pricy places on Calle Lunga San Barnaba a try - Quattro Feri, La Bitta, Da Sandro (Osteria San Barnaba) etc. There is, or was a couple years ago a fascinating old-fashioned bake shop on the right side of that calle a bit farther down, Collucci, written up in Fred Plotkin's book. They offer very few items and have limited hourse (if they are still there) - the specialty is a big sweet yeast bread/cake sold only in the end of the week. Or, if $$ are an issue, go out for drinks and cicchetti in the evening.