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Jul 27, 2008 05:37 AM

King Of Prussia

Hello all,

I need to find a decent, relatively inexpensive place to go with 7 people tonight for dinner. We are meeting friends "halfway" in KoP, and would rather stay away from the big chains. It doesn't have to be "dirt" cheap, but nothing that we are going to spend $15-20/pp. Pizza shops or nice family restaurants would be great - just somewhere to sit down, having a relaxing dinner before driving back. Any ideas? Thanks

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  1. I recommend Peppers. It's a family type of Italian restaurant and much nicer than a pizza shop. Their prices are not that bad either. My family loves their food. We make it a point to get there often.

    If you know where the Bed Bath & Beyond store is, it is kinda in the same center. It's behind Bed Bath & Beyond and to the left. There is a Men's Warehouse store next to it.

    They have a website, so if you go there it will give you directions plus you can preview their menu.

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      Thanks for the recommendation - we'll give it a try!

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        the food is ho-hum and you smell like an ashtray when you leave b/c the place is more of a local bar than a good dining spot