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Jul 27, 2008 05:25 AM

Sunday Morning London Markets

We will be arriving in London on a Sunday morning, after an overnight flight from Canada. After checking in, or at least leaving our bags at our hotel near Paddington, it will be around 9:00 or 10:00. We thought we would check out a market or 2 to get some air to wake up, have brunch and buy some food to take back to our self-catering room. What market(s) do you recommend for the best variety of food options, that are easily accessible on the Hammersmith or Central line, because are brains will be foggy! One of us enjoys spicy foods, the other enjoys sweets and pastry.

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  1. There is a very pleasant farmer's market in Marylebone on Sunday from 1000 am. It is off Marylebone High Street which isn't far from Baker Street Station. You can walk, go by bus or it's a short cab ride away. Buses are more fun as you can see more. Buy a book of bus tickets from a newsagent and you will get each bus trip for £1 only. Go to the Transport for London (TFL) website to find info on buses and tubes. Not all the same stallholders are there every week, but there is usually a selection of people selling, meat, cheese, cakes and vegetables, salads and casseroles. MHS is full of cafes and restaurants. There is a restaurant and cheese shop nearby called La Fromagerie which has many savoury and sweet things to eat in or take away. Le Pain Quotidien on MHS is also a good place to visit. They specialise in bread related food. There is also a Marks and Spencer on Edgware Road, which is between MHS and Paddington and you could find things in there to take to your hotel. For a picnic you could walk slightly north of MHS and go to Regents Park. The Rose Garden is particularly attractive.

    1. Re my previous reply, the Edgware Road is full of Lebanese restaurants if you want to go in that direction. There are several restaurants called either Ranoush or Manoush which I understand are owned by the same family. The Central Line goes to Marble Arch which is the start of the Edgware Road. The Hammersmith and City Line goes to Baker Street.

      1. Brick Lane on a Sunday! Things really don't get started until around 12 though. Lots of stalls in and around the Sunday Up Market. Read Limster's posts for more details. (Central Line to Liverpool Street...explore Spitalfields first, then wander over to Brick Lane.)

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          I agree that Spitalfields/Brick lane is probably the best on a Sunday - especially for someone coming from Canada - it is a real London experience - lots of stalls to look at besides food as well - the only issue is that it is a bit further away than the Marleybone market which is quite convenient to Paddington.

        2. Seconding the praise for Marylebone, and pointing out that you can also take food to the Marylebone Tup pub, which encourages its patrons to bring their own food.

          1. Def Marylebone - it's the biggest farmer's market in London. Plenty of restaurants nearby for brunch and 10 minutes to Regents Park.