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Jul 26, 2008 09:20 PM

Pasta Dinner for Mom

Hi all,
I am planning on making a great pasta dinner for my mother for her 75th birthday. I have decided to make a good ol' fashioned pasta and meatballs dinner with garlic bread. For the pasta I am going to go to Venda Ravioli on federal hill, and hopefully pick up some fresh pasta there.

My question to you is, where do I go in Rhode Island, for the best fresh home made marinara sauce? Should I just pick up what Venda has? I mean I want the best, freshest in the state.

Also I had planned on making the meatballs, but if you know some place that has to die for meatballs that I could purchase, I'm all ears.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. I'm not from Rhode Island, so I can't help you there, but the best marinara sauce anyone can find anywhere is the one you make yourself. Since you want to make a special meal for your mom, it will be that much more special if you make it all from scratch yourself. If you've never made fresh pasta, maybe the ravioli might be a stretch, but certainly the sauce and the meatballs can be done. That will really knock it out of the park in your mom's eyes when she finds out you made (almost) everything yourself.

    If you don't have available recipes for the sauce or meatballs or ravioli if your feeling ambitious, just do a search, I'm sure you will find a ton of info. Good luck.

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      Marinara is one of the easiest sauces to make. All you need is good quality canned tomatoes (San Marino are my favorites), tomato paste, and spices. If you want a few veggies, like carrots, you can include them, but we generally don't. You simply brown a little onion and garlic, add the tomato paste, add the tomatoes and spices, and let it simmer.

      I actually favor a homemade marina because you just don't know what's in anybody else's, and you can control the seasoning.

    2. I agree w/the others, MAKE the sauce.

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        I agree as well - make the sauce (or as we Italians call it, "gravy"). If you are hesitant or unsure, there are plenty of Italian cookbooks available at your local library you can check out and follow a recipe.

        Then invite all of us to your dinner! : )