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Jul 26, 2008 08:28 PM

Fast Greek in or around Hollywood.

The only real Greek I know of around town is Sofi on 3rd, which is great. But I like take out, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any good, quick, and inexpensive Greek places in Hollywood, more east than west. A place I could just run in and grab some stuffed tomatoes and/or peppers and dolmas. And an awesome greek salad. And maybe some baklava. For under $20.

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  1. Papa Cristos (aka CK) 2771 W. Pico, more mid-city than Hollywood (near MacArthur Park-ish) but it's old school Greek take out and casual sit down with a market as well. In Hollywood you've got Daphne's in the West Hollywood mall with the Target at LaBrea and Santa Monica. Nothing to write home about, it's a chain but it's fast and Greek. Larchmont Deli on Larchmont and Beverly also has some okay Greek as does Astro Burger on Melrose and Gower by Paramount. Other than Papa Cristos none are really super stand outs, but, when only baklava will do...