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Jul 26, 2008 08:19 PM

2 Questions About Bollini's Pizzeria

1. Why is there a big "No Photography" on the door?

2. Is the service always kinda bad? I've made the trek out twice and both times I was waiting for a pizza 25 minutes longer than I was promised. When I asked what happened, the chef blamed the girls working for him. Not very professional.

Decent pizza for Los Angeles, but the service is lacking enough that I won't be making the drive anymore.

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  1. Can't help with #1 but I also thought the service was lacking. Also, my brother and I tried to strike up a conversation with the owner (brother does similar style pizza in another state) and he was very uninterested and borderline rude. Won't be back.

    1. Maybe the "No Photography" rule is because the place is so small that most any photo angle in there would result in every guist being in the picture. Not sure.

      Service is hit/miss. It is better to go there before or after the rush.

      I took one of my sons last week at lunch time and the service was poor but that was because the one table server was way over worked. The owner made the rounds and asked everyone how there meal was but it would have been better if he actually helped the over-worked girl. Maybe he could refill some drinks

      My son and I split the Arugula Salad --Arugula greens with fresh corn, smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms,teardrop tomatoes, goat cheese and red wine vinaigrette.Poor service notwithstanding, this salad is reason enough to return. The cheese was like eating ice cream.

      We also had the Cal twist pizza.

      1. Service was not great, but it wasn't terrible. We were there at a slow time and the waitress seems to be new at this sort of thing and hey I've been there. I've had way worse service at Asian restaurants so no biggie. At least she was nice, which is more than I can say for some Asian places Ive been to recently. We didn't have to wait for our pizza, only maybe 10 minutes after it was out of the oven. We had to wait for everything else too, but that's fine. There were like 4 other people in the restaurant.

        Bad service I can tolerate. However, the pizzas were nicely done on one side and underbrowned on the other side. Ever heard of turning the pizza? Honestly the crust was quite good otherwise, but damn that was really irritating. Got the funghi e tartufi (mushroom) pizza and a Nonna pizza (sausage and mushroom). Both were okay but I liked the funghi e tartufi one best.

        They were out of a lot of things when we were there (early dinner). They were out of all the pastas and they wouldn't do some of the pizzas.

        No photography? Get over yourselves. I won't be back, not because it's terrible but if I'm going to drive to MP, I'm getting something reliably great, not some half cooked pizza.