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Jul 26, 2008 08:08 PM

Hong Kong 88 on Sepulveda

Well, after reading suggestions on this board for good Chinese in Sherman Oaks I gave this place a try.

First off, thanks board since I finally found a decent chinese in my area, 3 miles from Coldwater & Riverside, not bad.

I started with a dim sum appetizer which was tasty and for my main dish off the house specials tried something I've never had, honey mustard popcorn chicken over rice. Now these were big chunks of tasty white meat too, all that for $20.00

They even have sushi too.

A funny part of the evening was at the table next to me were the owners of Zankou Chicken from next store. They brought their own vodka and were doing shots like they were family, very odd and only in L.A, oh it looked like they were eating an entire deep fried fish over a sauce, looked good.

Does anybody else have other dishes they suggest?

Give this place a try,


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  1. Thanks for the reminder. I know I've recommended Hong Kong 88 in the past but had sort of forgotten about it. Chinese food and Japanese food at the same restaurant is often a lethal combination, but Hong Kong 88 is the most authentic Chinese you'll find for miles. I seem to recall a very good chicken dish in kind of a cream sauce, kind of unusual since many Chinese hate creamy food. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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      With the check they also bring out a cold fortune cookie thats refridgerated dipped in vanilla chocolate, quite good.

      Looking forward in trying more dishes at this spot.

      I now have 3 decent Chinese:

      Hong Kong 88, Sam Woo's, and BBQ Unlimited.

    2. Where is this place located? Do they have a decent offering of dim sum?

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        its next to the Zankou Chicken, looks like a dive from the outside, once you walk in typical casual chinese restaurant on Burbank & Sepulveda.

        As for as Dim Sum goes they make it fresh to order, its only on the appetizer section of the menu for $8.00 I was given 4 pieces of shrimp dim sum and 4 pieces of pork dim sum, quite tasty and nice dipping sauce. Next visit I'll try the steamed dumplings.

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              Yes. Actually Hong Kong 88 is the old name. They rechristened the place a couple of years ago when they added the sushi.

          1. We like the fish with black bean... fish is tender like a cloud, just like we like it. Hate the parking though, the parking spaces are crazy narrow and tight.

            1. LEss than a block from me...great food, and the best Egg Foo young in town!