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Good eating places near Dufferin Grove park

I've just moved to the neighbourhood...from the Annex. Anways, besides eating at the park, any suggestions on what's good? I've tried pho Linh..noticed it always busy..and it is good. (on College just west of dufferin). Is Le's sandwich good (on college west of dufferin)? Is the Tokyo sushi on Bloor just east of bloor good? is the thai place at Havelock and bloor good? thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. If you like Italian food pay a visit to ROMA (Gladstone & College)...excellent Pizza, okay to good Pasta and during the summer when the Tomatoes ripen..Caprese Salad, also their Roma Salad is very good. They have a terrific Patio, they are very child tolerant and since they had 'restaurant makeover' the whole atmosphere is 'cleaner' and brightened up. It was rather grungy-looking and dark but it is very pleasant now. I live at Davenport & Dupont and ROMA to us is like a second home...not high end , decent but not overwhelming...I always feel I can go in jeans and not be stared at..we go there frequently enough to be classified as regulars so I might have some predjudice in my suggestion.....certainly worth your trying it out....

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      ERROR on my part re ROMA.....it is at the corner of BLOOR & Gladstone not as above....
      SORRY for the mistake....

    2. Tokyo is a chain, and I find their food just like every other sushi place in the annex. Le's sandwich is fine... the ones at Nguyen Hong in Chinatown used to be the best, but they've changed their baguettes, and they're soft and chewy now.
      A few other good places are Pam's Roti (just moved to Bloor-Duff), Nazareth, Carribean Queen for beef patties or jerk chicken, Gaucho's BBQ.
      There's a lack of variety, but if you have a bike or car, you're not too far from Caplansky's California Sandwiches and San Francesco.

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        note: not actually written by pinstripeprincess

      2. I've lived in this area for just over a year now, I love it.
        Thai green mango at Bloor & Havelock is fairly decent Canadian Thai food, I like the spicy beef salad and the spicy noodles.
        I also like Beirut restaurant, the owners are very friendly, the food is nothing fancy, but good hearty Lebanese/Persian-style stuff, plus Smoking the shisha on the patio is fun. The Black Horse has a fairly decent beer selection.
        There's portugese chicken at Bloor & Concord which I have been known to enjoy on occasion.
        Banjara is a little further down the road at Crawford, just before the park. It's been one of my favourite mid-range Indian food places for a while. Unfortunately, in my opinion they don't do good naan, but I love the malai kofta and chicken madras.
        Down on College at Gladstone there's The Common - excellent coffee, and consistent.
        That new place Pantry at Dovercourt has some interesting items, didn't try any food yet but have had coffee (Balzac's) and it was fairly average. It's worth the extra 5 minute walk to the Common.
        Caplansky's isn't that far, only about a half hour walk, good for working off all those smoked meat heavies.
        Welcome to the neighbourhood!

        1. I also enjoy Pho Linh alot!
          You have a great selection of ethnic (for lack of better word) places on Bloor W.

          Lalibela on Bloor (Shaw) is really tasty and well priced. I really enjoy their vegetarian dishes. Their lamb also seems to be very popular.
          El Jacalito (bloor/dufferin) serves really good huevos revueltos and guac: unbeatable lunch specials too.
          If you want Japanese, don't bother with Tokyo. Mezz near Dovercourt always has great sashimi and alot of delicious Korean dishes.
          I have been meaning to try Rikishi (Shaw) but they never seemed to be open for business.
          Of course, if it's Thursday, it's best to just pinic at the farmer's market at the Grove.

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            I went to Madras Masala and had a good meal there. But the real winner was El Jacalito. I didn't try the huevos revueltos and guac but had the soft tacos with spiced pork. yum. Taste like the mexican food I had in California from the mexicans. I will definitely go back there. Also dropped by Pam's and had the squash & spinach roti. My husband who doesn't even like roti, loved it. Where's is Caplansky's? anyone? There's more to try but I thought I'd give an update and say thanks!

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              Caplansky's is at College and Clinton (on Clinton, just south of College, actually). It's inside the Monarch Tavern.

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                Thanks Curious Cat. Will update when i try some more places.

          2. For Vietnamese, we really like Pho My Duyen at Bloor and Brock. I especially like the Hue style spicy Pho. Pho Linh is definitely good, too.

            Our newest discovery has been Madras Masala next to Christie Pits for amazing South Indian. I wrote a pretty lenghty review for it last week.

            I'm pregnant and have been wanting to eat Ethiopian food weekly. We've been making the rounds on Bloor street for the last seven months. Consistently, one of our favourites for Ethiopian is Zembaba on Bloor, West of Shaw on the north side. While all the dishes there are tasty, one truly great and unique dish is Roman's Special Cha Cha Tibs. I don't know who Roman is, but I sure do love his tibs! Essentially they are small pieces of lamb on the bone seared on a hot plate with spices, onions and jalapeno peppers until nearly charred, but not. The end result are crsipy, tasty morsels you have to pull off the bone with your teeth. The description doesn't do it justice. We have noticed that you shouldn't eat the lamb until the plate stops sizzling - it gets crispier and tastier as it sits. There was only one time that we felt the dish wasn't as good as it had been and that was one time when the platter wasn't delivered so sizzling...

            Most recently we had an Ethiopian feast at Lalibela after a few years hiatus after one really bad experience, and I'm happy to say that was a fantastic meal as well.

            We've only gotten delivery from Pizza Roma, but I agree it is a fine pie.

            I'm blanking now, I'll post more places as I think of them...

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              Definitely like Pho My Duyen as well, I can't help but order the Hue style also. Another good family spot is Pho Bun by Dundas and Lansdowne across from the coffee time.

              I think Mazz is not great at all for sushi... you get a few free items like grilled mackerel and some congee, but I find the quality of the fish terrible. Tasteless, and lack of variety... I'd rather eat at Sushi Time. The booths are cute I guess...

              Also, not a fan of the Portuguese place at Bloor-Concord (Sardinha?). Went there after reading a few reviews, but I found the roast chicken legs quite dry compared to Gauchos BBQ. The roast potato option was good, and the hot sauce was better.

              You aren't toooo far from KoreaTown. I haven't quite found which place is the best, but I've been enjoying the sukiyaki at Seoul Restaurant.

              If you're going to Caplansky's, you can also hop over to San Francesco or California Sandwiches.

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                scared to eat at the ethiopian places in that neighbourhood. they don't look to be the cleanest.

                there's Cleopatra's if you want good lebanese

              2. Chester's fried chicken at Starbank, haha

                1. Totally agree re: the Roma and Pho My Duyen recs. I’ve seen people order this individual-sized hot-pot looking thing at Pho My Duyen… don’t know what it is, but seemed good!

                  Thai Green Mango was just meh for me. My boyfriend really liked it – I thought his basil chicken was ok, if a bit spicy. I got the beef pad thai and it was kind of horrible (and I’m not even a stickler for Pad Thai). Way too saucy; the sauce itself was too ketchupy/salty/strong, and the beef was tough and dry. Their fresh rolls are quite nice though – they will explode on you, but they’re tasty and refreshing.

                  Tokyo Sushi, I agree, is just ok. Like Sushi on Bloor, but with slightly smaller portions. Nice people… I think they are Korean, and their menu had some Korean items which I’d like to try, but I’m not sure if they are still offering them. I would go back, prices are very reasonable.

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                    Sorry, just wanted to say I had a brain cramp while posting the above recommendation about the Vietnamese restaurant. The restaurant I'm referring to is at the corner of Sheridan and College, and is not called Pho My Duyen (which, as others have said, is at Bloor and Brock. Have not tried this one, but looking forward to it).

                    Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the Sheridan & College one, but a search on here tells me it is likely called Pho Hoang. This is the one with the hot-pot looking dish. Sorry for any confusion.

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                      That's okay CuriousCat. I appreciate all the recommendations and it will take me some time to check them all out! Thanks everyone

                  2. You are so in my hood! OK, my faves: on ossington just a bit north of queen, a Vietnamese place which name I cannot remember, but it's not the Golden Turtle, it's the other one and it's great. I hear a rumour Rocco from Silver Spoon is opening a pizza joint around there. Tasty Thai on College at Delaware does nice, not expensive Thai. La Fromagerie has baguette, cheese, pate and olives. Osogood does pastries and sandwiches that are nice. Avoid Phils BBQ. Caplanskys on Clinton south of College is outstanding. Centro Fromaggio has great meatball sandwiches. You must know about California sandwiches. There is a middle eastern restaurant on College on the north side near Dufferin, forget the name, but it has great food. Across the street from it is a coffee shop with great caffeine. In the park itself they have food stuff going on all the time esp. on Thursdays from 3pm, check it out. Enjoy!

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                      Do you mean Arabesque for the middle eastern and The Common coffee shop? Never tried Arabesque, but i've been avoiding the Common cause of all the hipsters that mill around there. I found most small hipster places serve disappointing, weak coffee, but I'll def give it a try soon.
                      Meh, never cared much for Tasty Thai or Thai Green Mango... i was pretty disappointed with their dishes, but the drinks are tasty.
                      Also like the Osogood sandwiches... the place is kinda cute, and the lady there makes mile high sandwiches.
                      HA. Also... Chesters Chicken at Starbank is something I crave too often...