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Jul 26, 2008 06:19 PM

She's Leaving Home

My daughter will be moving into an apartment near Berklee College of Music (her school) in a few weeks. We just came back from a lovely week in Boston, where we signed the lease on her apartment and checked out the neighborhood. She will have only a tiny kitchen, and even though she has some kitchen skills, I don't think there will be a lot of time to cook. There's a Whole Foods across the street, and a Trader Joe's on Boylston Street, and I saw some Thai and Korean places, which she would go for, and of course pizza. She eats a variety of foods, but gravitates towards asian flavors, and although she hasn't had much experience with it, I think Indian would really work for her. She's adventurous when it comes to "exotic" foods. She's less inclined to eat hearty "normal" foods. For instance, she loves burgers at home when I make them, but never orders them out, and avoids cold cuts, although she'll eat turkey subs (grinders?). She loves pasta, sushi, sweets, bread, and fish, and eats most vegetables and salads.

She's never been away from home before, a tiny girl who weighs all of 95 lbs. And, she will be on a student's budget. We walked through the food stores and read a lot of menus, but if any of you kind people could give us some tips on cheap eats, great products that the food stores sell (including frozen prepared stuff), or any other food related advice, we would surely use it.I don't want my little girl to get any skinnier!

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  1. There's a Trader Joe's close by on Boylston in Back Bay, along with Shaw's supermarket. There's also a Whole Foods on the other side of Mass Ave. :) There's also a weekly farmers market at Copley Square, all within walking distance!

    1. I actually really enjoy the pad see u (sp...) at Pad Thai near Berklee. It's not expensive at all, and I'm sure she'll be eating there a lot because of that! And, as you already mentioned, the Trader Joe's is always right down the street!

      1. I suggest Woody's, a wood-fired pizza place nearby on Hemenway street. Pretty good pizza, nice salads and a college tavern atmosphere at decent prices.

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          I second the Woody's rec but mostly for their wings which I think are best in the city. Also, the service is always top notch.

        2. If she wants to try Indian, Bhindi Bazaar on Mass Ave and Newbury St. is quite good. It'd be a short walk from her apartment (about 10 minutes). They also have a $7.95 lunch buffet everyday.

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            Island Hopper next door to Bhindi is very good but these two restaurants are threatened by the possible development of that building into one large retail space so enjoy them while you can.

            For Indian, I love India Samraat a block away. Tell her to try the specials on the daily board and they do give a discount if you order online and pick it up yourself. They also have a student discount.


            For a fuller range of items with large portions and all day breakfast she should visit Trident Booksellers Cafe on Newbury Street between Hereford and Mass Ave.

            Cafe Jaffa and Steve's Greek on Hereford, Chili Duck across from the Prudential Center on Bolyston are worth exploring for less expensive but tasty options.

            And, Bostone Pizza near Fairfield on Newbury is a good value.

          2. The Boston Globe ( has a Cheat Eats section. I believe it is published on Thursdays, and is also available online. Might give her some good ideas for inexpensive restaurants as well as some recipes.

            The food court at Super 88 in Allston (a T ride away) might appeal to her.

            Shaw's has decent sushi, both cooked & raw. I eat it a couple times a month and have never had a problem. It's much less expensive than sushi in a restaurant.

            You also asked about frozen foods: I recently had some organic frozen Indian food that was on sale at Shaw's (sorry - I can't remember the brand) that was pretty good for prepared food.

            Good luck to your daughter (and to you - it was much harder on my parents than on me when I went to college)!