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Jul 26, 2008 06:06 PM

Cajun Kitchen Carpinteria

I went to Cajun Kitchen yesterday for the first time. It gets some love on this board and now i fail to see why. I had the Seafood Gumbo. The "crab" in the gumbo was "Krab". You cant be taken seriously when you use imitation crab meat (and especially when you dont disclose it on the menu and call it "crab"). Its the mcdonalds of cajun food. Am i missing something? did i order the wrong thing?

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  1. Not familiar with this restaurant, but sometimes the menu price is a good tipoff on ingredients used.

    How was the seasoning; what about the other ingredients and flavors? Would you give it another chance, try other items, or was it just an awful experience all around?

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      it was pretty awful all around. as well as having fake crab in it, i thought the gumbo was terribly under seasoned and really didnt have much flavor.

      1. re: carln

        glad to see that nobody is defending this.

    2. I believe I've eaten in the Carpenteria Cajun Kitchen, though I could be mistaken. I've definitely partaken of a few in Santa Barbara, though.

      On this board, I can't recall anyone ever mentioning their non-breakfast items. Most I hear of them revolves around omelets, eggs, cornbread, and biscuits. That's the only food I've had there, and while not great, it is good and fitting for the price. It hits a spot when it's needed.

      I have, however, been too afraid to try their lunch sounding food, and it sounds like for good reason. I too hate imitation crab meat, and the non-disclosure is a real pain. If you decide to give them a second chance, order a breakfast item, and don't have very high hopes. Thanks for the warning, though on the gumbo. The jambalaya, the only lunch food I've considered ordering, then can't be too far off.

      1. I've also only ever experienced the Santa Barbara locations, but i would concur with Shortsord that they are primarily known for breakfasts (and being friendly). not the greatest chowhound endorsement but a serviceable hangover breakfast to be sure.