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Jul 26, 2008 04:39 PM

Any Great Pizza places in Tacoma area?

Looking for a good pizza in Tacoma. I know Seattle has a few, but would like to find one in Tacoma.

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  1. AB, The Hub, located at Tacoma Avenue & St. Helens, is trying. They are not in the same league with Serious Pie or Tutta Bella, but they are also not the glop that is generally served in Tacoma (and most of Puget Sound). The Hub is also far less expensive than Serious Pie so for the value, not bad.

    1. I second Leper on the Harmon Hub. They're doing some good flavors and for the most part, they're spot-on with pulling the pie at just the right time. Slightly charry crust, great balance - they're heads above all the other pies in the area. If you're looking for a good gloppy pizza, Puget Sound Pizza [just down the street from the Hub] is probably one of the best in the area.

      1. I like Puget Sound Pizza, too. Primo Grill has tasty gourmet pizzas. I've also heard that place on Proctor and 6th (the cheese steak place) has good pizza. And they sell by the slice.