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Jul 26, 2008 04:38 PM

Soups in Austin

I had jaw surgery two weeks ago and now I am back up and ready to go out and about on the town. Problem is I am on a doctor ordered liquid only diet until the middle of October.

When it was time to go out to dinner with friends for the first time I rushed to the CH boards to see where to go. Lots of off hand mentions, but no soup only thread.

It was funny, I started calling some of my favorite places in town - but all had soup de jour. I didn't want to show up some place and find out all they had that night was cream of carrot.

Here is where I have been so far:

- Fonda San Miguel: Tortilla Soup
- Eastside Cafe: Chicken, Mushroom Artichoke
- Vivo: Tortilla Soup
- Sangra: White Bean and Prosciutto (this was a soup de jour, but it was a work lunch so I had no choice)
- Din Ho: Hot & Sour (I am headed here tonight)

So here it is. Where are the best soups in town?

And I am looking for permanent soup fixtures on the menu, no soup de jour. With one exception for any places like Eastside Cafe that has three soup choices a day - then you know one has to be good, and most likely all three are amazing. (Note, chunky soups are ok, I just request that they give me more broth than soup.)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. No stone soup unturned.

PS: already hitting up Soup Peddler too, not to worry. :-)

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  1. apple annie's tomato brie
    pho van's pho noodle soups (i suppose just get the broth, maybe add some rice!)
    hyde park's lentil soup

    1. Coconut curry soup at Java Noodles.

        1. The Vietnamese Hot and Sour Chicken Soup at Hao Hao on William Cannon. Worth the drive from anywhere in town. It's the only soup I'll order as an entree. Period.

          1. Report back on Din Ho's Hot & Sour. I went there last week and was underwhelmed. It was very thin tasting like it was underseasoned and hadn't been simmering long enough. In the past, it was my favorite in town.

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              I went to Din Ho, but after explaining my dietary needs the waiter told me to have the crab and asparagus soup because of the lack of chewing needed. Should have gone for the Hot & Sour. Next time.

              NirvRush: The coconut curry sounds amazing and may be my next stop.