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I left food in the trunk of my car for about 6 hours

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Would it still be ok to eat? I forgot I bought some food at target until I unpacked my very hot bags. It was canned salsa, applesauce, baby food, and tuna. I'm most concerned about the baby food. Thanks.

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  1. Usually you can tell if something has gone wrong with canned or jarred food if the lid bulges or the seal releases.

    1. As long as everything was in cans or jars and not meant to be refrigerated before opening it should be fine.

      1. A much better outcome than leaving the canned goods in the bassinet...be careful...twice...every time.

        1. They are probably doing better than the pound of Callebaut chocolate that I left in my suitcase in my trunk all day. I now have fondue. Except my husband refuses to dip his strawberries in my dirty socks.

          1. Sometimes it helps to just think of how that food got to the store. Non -prerishables
            usually ride in a trailer that gets as hot if not hotter than your car, and probably sits in there longer than a few hours. Good rule of thumb though is "any swelling at all" do not use.
            By the way you have never smelled anthing so foul as a can of pet food that has exploded due to swelling beyond the cans limits!!!

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              Actually, many trailers are temp. controlled.

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                  You will see a white box mounted on the front of the trailers that have carry refrigerated/frozen food. The walls are obviously insulated and they can keep food from 35° to below zero.

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                    Sorry, I wasn't clear! I am aware of reefers and frozen trucks!
                    What I was refering to were the normal shelf staple products that are shipped using non climate controlled enviornments. If you have ever had to unload one they can get pretty warm!

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                      Yep, I worked for Purity Wholesale Grocers for a few years. The only part of the warehouse that was kept cool was a small room for candy bars and other chocolates and the offices. The rest got really, really hot in summer with only rooftop fans for ventilation. A lot of loads went out on plain trailers with no refrigeration. We stopped shipping chocolate that way because it would melt but canned goods, jarred goods, health and beauty items, etc. were all shipped without refrigeration. One thing that really surprised me was the yeast we stored and shipped at higher temperatures. That's something I always keep in the refrigerator until I need it.

            2. I'm sorry, but I don't think you should be asking non-experts about suspect baby food.

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                There is no doubt that the baby food was pasteurized and unless the seal was violated a few hours in the car will not lead to spoilage. Can and jarred foods have an increadible shelf life. Why? Because they have been pasteurized to kill off any harmful bacteria and fungus.

              2. personally I would throw it out. You can never be too careful especially with baby food.

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                  If you have any questions, throw it out, especially baby food.

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                    Ummm, aren't canned and jarred foods processed in very high heat? Unless the jar's seal is broken I can't imagine that there is any issue with any of these things.

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                      Of course the canned/jarred stuff is fine. I can't believe so many here are questioning it.

                2. I routinely ask to have my cold things bagged in plastic, the rest in paper. (Environmentally they're equivalent anyway)
                  When we get home, I stash the cold things in the fridge (still in bags if necessary). I get the rest when I have time.
                  Reason for this odd behavior? We generally go grocery shopping at the end of the day, around the infamous "witching hour" and I frequently have a preschooler meltdown to deal with when we get home.
                  I've never noticed any harm done by the stuff sitting in the car/trunk.

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                    I personally would not be remotely concerned about any of those foodstuffs - even the baby food - in many countries grocery stores aren't as refrigerated. But of course you are the mum, so it is normal that you would worry. No worry whatsoever about any of that other stuff. At first I thought you were thinking about "borderline" foods, such as cheese, yoghourt (which is already cultured and that began precisely to keep it in hot climates) etc. And I'm sure you would toss fresh meats or dairy milk.

                    saacnmama, do remember your reuseable bags!

                  2. Canned and non-perishable factory-sealed stuff should be fine... it's sterilised during the canning/packaging process and it doesn't require refrigeration until it's opened.