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Jul 26, 2008 03:38 PM

The "New" Coyote Cafe in Santa Fe

My husband and I are heading to Santa Fe. Has anyone eaten at the Coyote Cafe since the new chef took over? Is it worth all of the hype? Should we go for lunch or dinner? Any suggestions about what to order and what to avoid?


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  1. For years Santa Feans have made a sport of trashing the Coyote Cafe. I went the other night and was completely satisfied. Make sure you eat in the Cafe. The Cantina is a rooftop bar and grill with some casual new mexico favorites, but indoors is where Chef DiStefano really shines. Be sure and try one of the cocktails too.
    I'm not sure what "hype" you have been hearing, but in my opinions Coyote lives up to it and then some. The space is beautiful, the food and drink sublime. Bring your wallet though, you won't be getting out cheap on this one.
    Some have said that it is not up to par or not worth what you pay, but every time I have visited I have been more than happy.
    Have fun in Santa Fe!

    1. New ownership has vaulted Coyote Cafe back to the top level, in my opinion and that of many others. Start with the foamy Margarita. Whatever you order to eat will be blissful after that. Yes, it's expensive, but no more so than Santa Cafe, Geronimo, etc.

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        Ditto to what lpsfnm said. Absolutely "pricey", but ? Only consistent complaint I hear is that the Mark Miller "Southwestern" take on dining has been diminished with the new regime in favor of a broader approach. Surprise ! Chef Di Stefano made Geronimo with that.

        A few of the older "signature" dishes do remain. I, personally, like the new Coyote a lot.

        And, if I really have a fit craving a Mark Miller meal, I'll visit his new Red Sage restaurant set to open sometime in August at the Buffalo Thunder resort north of Santa Fe in Pojoaque.

        1. re: fyfas

          Thanks everyone. We will definitely try it and be sure to dine in the Cafe, not on the rooftop.

          I really appreciate your feedback.

          Fyfas, thanks for the tip about Red Sage, too.

          1. re: Lenzo

            Caution with the Red Sage folks, it has been one of my top ten most dissapointing meals ever - (not that I had that list, this just started it) Gabriels, El Nido are in the area of the Red Sage and much better. Hate to be the complainer but wow, was it a bad experience.