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Jul 26, 2008 03:06 PM

Vegetarian: Pot Pies, Goulashy Stuff, and Veggie Burgers?

My darling S/O has done gone become a vegetarian, which means we're having to find new places to dine (I'm not complaining) that have offerings for vegetarians / pescatarians.

But there's two things that the S/O really misses: pot pies (he could live on them, before), and goulashy dishes (think of meats and vegs all cooked together - not necessarily goulash, as lots of curries meet this definition, but think of stews and the such with blended flavors - somewhat comfort food-ish, only sans meat and poultry).

Oh, and instead of starting a new thread, recommendations for places that serve very good regular burgers and flavorful, interesting veggie burgers would also make us happy.

We're based in Pasadena and have grown a little tired of the local vegetarian offerings; we are now are ready to branch out and drive to find some new victuals.

Many thanks!

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  1. I am looking for such things as well. Haven't found pot pie myself and I don't eat goulash. However, for a variation on a buger, (I'm still working through the veggie burgers in LA so I don't have an answer to that one yet) get him to Pure Luck on Heliotrope and make him order the "pulled pork" bbq sandwich. It's vegan and damn good, even better with extra hot sauce, of which they have an astonishing selection. Also, Scoops is across the street and has 4 vegan flavors of ice cream daily. I usually finish lunch with a scoop of all four flavors. You can even get a full refill for $1.75.

    Oh and how could I forget the beers on tap. Also, they have a little parking lot on the side (important in LA)

    Also, check this recent thread out for more ideas.

    1. I do not know about the pot pies or the goulash, but I just had the best veggie burger I have ever had. I was at 26 Beach for lunch yesterday and the owner was cooking some new burgers for his staff, they offered me a taste (1/4 burger). Damn, that was the best veggie patty I ever had, I asked who they are geting them from and he said they are making their own again, starting next week. I asked what the base was, garbonzo or wheat, no one was talking, but it was very good. I usually scoff at veggie sandwiches or burgers, but this was tasteeeeeee! I also just had a great grilled veggie sandwich at Cook's Tortas in Monterey Park, right next to Pauls Kitchen, like i said, i usually not a veggie guy, but the lady I was with insisted, so i tried it. very very good. So that is the veggie report from burger boy. Ciao

      1. Close to Pasadena I can think of: Elf Cafe in Echo Park does a very nice job with Vegetarian Food, their lentil stew in particular is very "meaty" in a not meat way. Tantawan Vegan cafe in Echo Park also does really good fake meat with a lot of flavor, not bland or weird at all. The Park (also in echo park) does a great veggie burger, really hearty and delicious and their regular burgers are pretty amazing as well. Auntie Ems and Fatty's in Eagle Rock also do interesting vegetarian comfort food specials from time to time, they would be worth
        checking out as well. When I was vegetarian I found myself cooking alot, check out the moosewood's series cookbook, they have many recipes for hearty vegetarian stews etc

        1. if you're willing to go over to the Fairfax district, try Rahel for vegan Ethiopian. some of those dishes are good and stewish goulashy ish....

          i know it's a chain, but for burgers and veggie burgers Houston's is great. [for fast food, try Astro Burger]