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hibiscus flowers

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The wife and I were at Beachwood BBQ last night where she had their hibiscus tea. Since I make my own iced tea from bulk tea I offered to attempt to duplicate the flavor. So I am looking for a place near Long Beach that have edible blossoms. Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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  1. They sell dried hibiscus flowers (you steep them to make teas or sweetened beverages) at most grocery stores that sell Mexican food products. It's called jamaica in Spanish. It will look like this:


    1. Vallarta Supermarkets sell dried jamaica.

      1. Vallarta Supermarkets sell jamaica.

        1. Just in case, there is a Superior on Long Beach Blvd. and a Top Value on Cherry and 10th. You should be able to find it at either places.

          1. If you can find it loose -stock in a latin market, it's 1/4 the price of the pre-packaged, and much fresher. Simple to steep, dilute, sweeten.

            1. Any Mexican market -- Long Beach has Superiors, I think, and maybe a Northgate Gonzalez or two. They're in bins, normally near the loose dried chilies. As DanaB said you'll have better luck asking for flores de jamaica ("FLOH-rayss day hah-MY-kah"). If you just ask for "jamaica" you'll get the already pre-sweetened tea from the aguas frescas bar.

              1. thanks for all the help. Got the blossoms and made the tea.