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Jul 26, 2008 02:00 PM

Question about the Cookhouse, Branford, CT

Allright.....I've been searching....and really want a few answers at this point. The Cookhouse is my favorite CT BBQ joint and I was pleased as a pig know....that they came to Branford. They closed up early this year, yet opened at another location in East Hartford. I know for a fact that the one in New Milford does a SLAMMING business. What happened here? The food and portions were good. Scary that this place went out of business. Enlighten me someone?!

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  1. I wish I knew. I loved that place. Food was really good BBQ, better than Rib House in East Haven. We went there maybe once a month or more (there are so many restaurants to try!!!). It was always busy when we were there. I was so disappointed when it closed. The space is large and I can't understand why restaurants can't make a go of it there. Now, I understand that Eli's (as in Eli's of Hamden) is going in there.

    1. I was speaing with the manager of the Cookhouse recently, and apparently the space in Branford was too big. They would prefer to expand using a smaller, more intimate concept.

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        Thanks for the info. Too big? Ugh. What a lousy reason to pull out.

        1. re: stormshadow

          I agree; but maybe they'll reopen another place in the Branford area!

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            I hope they reopen in Branford. Maybe they should take a look at the space where Pasta Fair used to be on Rt. 1, next to Su Casa Mexican restaurant. I think that would be the perfect place, not too big and not too small.