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Jul 26, 2008 01:31 PM

Goya anchovy stuffed olives

I live in Lexington. Can someone please tell me in which nearby stores I might find Goya anchovy stuffed olives? Roche brothers used to have them, but not now. Other brands simply don't measure up.

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  1. Johnnie's I think usually carries them, so close to you the Arlington store on Mass Ave might be a decent bet although something really bugs me about that store so I instead make the trip to the Rt 16 one. In all their stores check the validity dates. Market Basket on the Burlington/Lexington line on 2A also has a lot of Goya products, but I can't remember seeing those (the pimiento stuffed olives yes).

    1. Market Basket on Main St. in Waltham has an extensive Goya product selection, but I'm not sure if they carry the specific olives you are searching for though.

      1. The Shaw's at the Prudential has them off and on. They're too strong for my taste - I prefer the lighter flavored anchovies of spanish brands - but I buy 'em when I can't get the stuff I really want...