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Jul 26, 2008 01:30 PM

Fresh Produce & Meats, Middlesex County?

Folks who live in South River, East Brunswick area....where do you get your produce and meats? Can't stand going to Shop Rite anymore and many of the other grocery stores just have junk.

Where do you go for your produce and meat? I've had hit and miss from American Harvest on 18, maybe I should give it another chance.

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  1. It's been quite some time since I've been to Garden Farm, on Route 9, in Old Bridge. I've found some decent produce there -- though there's lots I wouldn't bother with -- and prices are quite reasonable.

    Even if you don't keep kosher, Goldberg's Kosher Meats, on 516, in Old Bridge, has certain items that are worth going for. I think kosher chickens have the best flavor; ground neck and tenderloin make superb hamburgers, and the Hebrew National franks are terrific. The franks are not the factory-packaged ones you find in the supermarket but freshly cut from strings and packaged at the store.

    1. Highland Park has the Farmer's market on Friday's. Located on rt 27 in a church parking lot. Can't miss it if you're driving by. The Pennsylvania dutch market off 522 on 27 has very good produce as well.

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        I would second the Pennsylvania Dutch farmer's market on Route 27 South in Kingston for meats. Their produce is also pretty good, although the selection is limited; there's a small section there, and whatever vegetables/fruit they have that week on display is what you can buy; so it's hit or miss if you had certain produce items on your shopping list.

        They've got pretty large selection of cuts of meat (beef, pork, lamb), and poultry.

        Of course, there are lots of other great things to go there for as well-- Pig Roasts last weekend of the month, fresh ice cream, handmade pretzels, dairy...

        NOTE: The Amish farmers market is only open Thursdays -Saturdays and closes on Sat. at ~4:00pm.

      2. There's great produce at the Korean-run Farmer's Market on Route 1 South and Aaron Rd (just after Regal Cinema theatres behind the Exxon gas station. It's pretty large. They have a florist section, fruit/fruit salad section, seafood section, deli, sushi, breads & imported foods sections too. They have great prices on fresh produce, and I can usually get fresh ripe tomatoes on the vine & different mushroom types pretty cheap there. I don't buy my meats there, so can't speak for their butcher.

        I believe there is also a Farmers Market on Route 18South in The Gap strip mall, although I haven't been to that.

        There's another produce/indoor Farmer's Market on Easton Ave in the IHOP shopping center.

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          The grocery store on Route 18 in what used to be the Gap strip mall which now has Pearl Vision and Office Depot has been closed since last year.

          It did not last long. It was Korean-owned. Probably couldn't compete with Hong Kong Supermarket just across the street.

        2. There is an amazing Farmers Market on Rt 130 in East Windsor. It is open everyday, I think it opens as early as 8:00am. Everything is fresh!!! Produce, breads, meats and cold cuts are wonderful. You can't beat the prices either. I go there once a week, the only thing lately that has been bad is the strawberries, but they really aren't in season anymore anyway.It even has fresh flowers, small grocerer items and delicious carmel popcorn!!! I think it is better than the Rt 1, although the Rt 1 Market maybe bigger. Good Luck

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            Also in East Windsor/Cranbury area is Stults Farm. The produce is exceptional. Obviously, they aren't open all year, but I go there two or three times a week for produce. Their "prime time" is June through September. The tastiest watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, etc., I've ever had. It's worth spending a few extra bucks for produce picked that day! I totally agree with the grocery store comment. The stuffs been sitting on a truck for 2 weeks & tastes it at times.

          2. Hong Kong Supermarket. Zalenski's roadside farm stand on Cranberry Rd. In E. Bruns. about 1/2 mi past the HS. (If you stop by say Mark from Maine sez Hi (cousins)).There is also a Spanish butcher (used to be Dittman's) on upper Main St. in SR, by the railroad tracks and a Portuguese one on Whitehead Ave. where the Liberty Ballroom used to be. (Boy am I old!)