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Jul 26, 2008 01:23 PM

what to order at Sripraphai (no meat)???

going tonight for the first time - no meat but, fish, egg and seafood are okay- thx in advance.
Whats a must have?

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    check out the above thread for advice for first timer at Srip. There are other threads for Vegetarian at Srip also, but please do a search, there is tons and tons of posts on Srip. So, this will be most likey the response you will receive here, unless you are asking a more pointed question. They also have a seperate Vegetarian menu as well.

    Saturdays are very busy there, and sometimes there have been reports of disapointment on the weekends when they are so busy. One of the many reasons, I avoid the madhouse there and go at more off times. But, hopefully, with the weather nice, you can sit outside in the garden area.

    Anyway, the place is a gem.

    A few dishes that are usually quite solid:
    -Watercress Salad, it says it comes with chicken, squid and shrimp on the menu, but have them leave out the chicken, we do this all the time, because I prefer the shrimp and squid.
    -Papapya Salad, another favorite
    -Shrimp with Green Curry, but I ask for only Bamboo shoots, peppers and coconut milk, no eggplant, but whatever you prefer. The green curry is very good. Order it mild, it still comes pretty hot, but if you are into scorching hot, then ask it for medium, or spice on the side.
    -Chive Dumplings, are pretty good, and inexpensive at $4, 4 large ones with a good dipping sauce
    -Drunken Noodles with Shrimp are good
    -Shrimp with Peppercorn, or the seafood special peppercorn dish is very good, we get it all shrimp, but it's on the menu with fish, squid, and's spicy.
    -Shrimp with garlic and pepper is excellent, it's kind of like, a Thai Shrimp scampi, delicous to share as an appetizer, and then get the coconut rice to put the garlic mixture on top of...

    Enjoy can't go wrong with much there, so pick and choose what appeals to you.

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    1. re: janie

      Thx Janie- for your input.

      I know everyone goes crazy over this place- I personally didn't find the food to be that special. The service was rushed, rude and w/o order. If you have never been it is confusing - no one would answer my questions about how it works.

      Had the chive dumplings- they were fine, good sauce. nothing to crave.
      Watercrest salad- super fried and you could hardly taste the watercrest. the rest was fine.
      Shrimp pad see ew: thought it was fine, nothing that seemed much different then any other thai spot.

      1. re: bkeater

        sounds like you might have encountered the weekend disapointment I mentioned...give them another chance on a late afternoon lunch, or an early dinner. Go on a Thursday for an early dinner, or a tues, thurs, fri for lunch. I tend to stay away on Mondays, Fri nite, Saturday, and sundays.

        Although I have had good lunches on Saturdays once in awhile. I've never encountered rude service there ever, but I know so many of the servers because we are longtime customers. But, I really think they do try hard to please, perhaps they were just very busy, and couldn't spare the time to answer a lot. It's not really the kind of place where they would sit and describe everything to you, So, maybe that's what you were expecting, and then I could see how you might think they were rude. It's a place that gets alot of regulars who pretty much know the menu, and know what they want. And they give you the photo book for help also.

        I guess we fall into the camp, of knowing what we want when we get there, and we just sort of sit down, and order right away, so if you want to sit a long time and figure it out, that's not the best time to do it on a busy weekend. You would do better to get at off times, and just order as you're eating to stagger your food. Otherwise, yes, it will generally all come out at the same time often. They really don't keep track of what you want you apps to be, and if you do stagger, remember the order gets put it at the end of the line then, that's how it works.

        Each order is done at a time, so if they screw something up and you need to send it back, make sure they don't stick it at the end or you'll end up waiting forever for it to show up. All the food coming out at once works for us, because we've got a toddler, and basically we stuff our faces, and get out of there as soon as we can while our kid is on his best behaviour. We don't generally have time to linger, But, before the kid, when we ate there, and wanted to try a lot of different things, the staggered order system is what we did, so that everything wasn't going cold. So, in terms of how it works:

        everything comes out when it's cooked and ready, and they don't really care about your readiness for it. Good part of this is that you are served your food right away, it never ever sits getting cold somewhere, it comes immediately. The curries will stay hot the longest and the salads will stay cold longest, so eat everything else first .

        Study the menu, read all the threads, make a list, and go again, I think you'll be happier once you know what to expect.

        1. re: bkeater

          I'd have to agree with Janie (below). Having been to Sri almost exclusively during "off" times, I/we have never felt rushed or been treated rudely. having said that, however, a few of the servers tend to be a bot less patient (and less copnversant in English) than the others, and I can see how they might appear to be rude. Our latest visit was this past Thursday, when my wife and son arrived at about 3;20 pm and asked if we could sit, have drinks and appetizers, while waiting for my daughter, who showed up at about 4:00 pm. We were treated graciously and were allowed to proceed at our own pace, even after my daughter arrived. when my daughter ordered a dish with catfish, the server patiently explained that if she wanted to avoid bones, that she should substitute a different fish (I believe it was sea trout) instead. I am pretty fussy and always ask for clean plates and extra forks, etc., and the servers accommodated me without any problems.

          regarding the food, I agree with bkeater that the chive dumplings are nothing to write home about (the one time I had them, they were greasy and far inferior to any I have had in dim sum places). My daughter also eats no red meat, and was quite pleased with her seat trout in Thai spicy sauce, as well as the Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce (not the same salty oyster sauce from Chinese cuisine). while I frequently order the green curry with roasted duck at medium spicy-ness, I can see how this dish without any meat would be superb. yes - the watercress is quite fried, but this salad (IMHO) is best when the fluid 'softens' the fried part of the greens.

          I suggest that you take janie's advice about going at an "off time", and taking your time with the picture book and ask a lot of questions. that's what I did my first few times going there.

          good luck.

      2. For future dining trips, you should be aware that they have a vegetarian menu. My very veggie son ordered from it, and was completely pleased with both the variety and tastiness of the dishes. And do go there at off times. It's really worth it.

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          I told the poster about the veg menu in my first post, so they were aware of it. Hopefully they will try again, and have better luck.