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Best Pizza in Edmonton?

A separate thread is required just to discuss your favourite pizza place(s) in Edmonton. I really only have three favourites because I haven't tried a lot of different ones, but mine are (in order of preference):

1. Victoria pizza - excellent flavor and very cheesy!
2. Funky pickle - just as the name implies... very funky and good.
3. Boston pizza - love the sauce

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  1. Easy enough request.

    Pizza Boys (Ragazzi), and
    Royal Pizza - if I'm with my GF's family because they love thick crust.

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    1. re: raidar

      Thank you Chowhounds for the Famoso suggestion. We ate there on the weekend and loved it. Prosecco in little bottles! The sauce was incredible. We had the margarita and the Vesuvio. Bueno!!!

    2. I am Chowhound's new heel, so read carefully.

      Victoria is now known as Vic's pizza after a change in ownership. I don't know if the recipe is the same, but it was well known before.

      Your next two choices will make a turd, but that's it. The crust at funky pickle is too doughy, and they are more concerned about being edgy and cool than making the best pizza. If you're drunk late at night on whyte I guess it's your only choice.

      My top 3 are the following:
      1. Tony's Pizza Palace
      2. Ragazzi (Pizza Boys)
      3. Rose Bowl

      I like 1&2 because of the crust and sauce. This is how I imagine the platonic ideal of pizza. The toppings are classic, I love the family atmosphere, and there isn't too much cheese so you get to taste everything working together.

      3 is my favourite for deep dish mainly out of nostalgia, but their spicy sauce is pretty yummy. I get bacon and fresh tomato - you can call that the "it will make a turd" special.

      1. I love Tony's - it is without an equal in the city. I can not stand funky pickle, the crust overwhelms everything else. I do like Rose Bowl - especially the all dressed. But my latest find is Dallas Pizza on 106 ave. It is very old style -- very few unusual topping except for the donair pizza with tzatzike which rocks.

        I am still searching for a good thin crust, wood fired pizza. Does anyone else remember stone age pizza that existed briefly just off Whyte? I loved their whole wheat, thin crust from the wood fired oven.

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          pengcast: if you ever find that pizza please let me know! I am not a fan of Famoso, I find it too thin, soggy.

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            At the risk of unleashing a storm I must confess that I am mystified at the popularity of Tony's. Last time I was there ( with friends) I tried the "classic" pizza and I found the crust hard , dry and rather "short". The sauce and cheese were unremarkable. It did not remind me in the least of pizza Ive had in NY ( Most memorably John's of Bleeker Street) or Vancouver for that matter.

            1. re: pengcast

              I would agree about Dallas Pizza. I live near there, and have been numerous times. It's very similar to Royal Pizza, which I also love. Those would be my 2 favorites of that style; more hearty.

              As for the thin crust, I havent had much luck with that here. I've been to Tony's, and was very dissapointed. So much hype, yet the pizza tasted old, and the service was the worst I can remember having anywhere! They're not getting a second chance after that.

              Ragazzi on whyte is pretty good though, although I always find with thin crust that I could eat a $20 pizza by myself. Once I push past the cheap scottsman in me, it's pretty tasty!

              However, I cant imagine anything comparing to NYC pizzas. The worst pizza I had there was better than the best i've had here. We're going there in the spring again, and John's is on our list, and we plan on getting to Grimaldi's and Lombardi's as well this time. Cant wait.

            2. 1. famoso
              2. tony's
              3. pharos
              4. royal
              5. avenue

              1. 1. famoso
                2. tony's
                3. pharos
                4. royal
                5. avenue

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                1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                  I was just at Famoso and had the #2 pizza. I can't remember the name of it but it had fresh cheese, artichokes, olives, mushrooms, and ham. It was incredibly soggy. It was probably due to all the vegetables and I would like to try going there again. I almost ordered the #4 - caprese, I think, with a lot of meat and quite spicy. (By the way, I had a wonderful merlot there and the glass was only $4.50. Where can you find a deal like that?) What pizza would you recommend?

                  1. re: Cheers

                    I had the Siciliana (#4). If you can stand anchovies, order a classic Margherita and add some of those salties.
                    Too bad about the sogginess on yours.
                    I love the whole concept of that place. Would have liked to order the Tiramisu, but the display looked a bit tired.

                    1. re: Cheers

                      I've ordered quite a few from Famoso; Margherita, Cappricciosa (the one you mentioned), Siciliana, Conforto, all of their Pizza Biancas (except Pollo), and even a piece of Sweet BBQ Chicken(my GF's parents do not like classic pizza toppings)
                      I keep coming back to the Conforto and Primavera, although I keep wondering if I should try one from the non-classic side. Of all the times I've gone, I think maybe 2 times the pizza felt a little soggy, but otherwise they were crispy and hit the spot.
                      I have to agree with WWS, the concept is great. It's a shame that things aren't a little more consistent. Is this maybe because with a stripped down pizza it is a easier to notice than say a below average pizza at some other establishment?
                      One other thing, I've really enjoyed the gorgonzola walnut salad, and by recommendation the banana split gelato desert (small scoop of banana, strawberry, chocolate) MMMMM!

                      1. re: raidar

                        Thanks for the input, WWS and raidar. I will go back and give the place another shot! We did find the restaurant very warm and inviting.

                    2. re: ihatepickyeaters

                      I work at famoso as a cook, and i must say that the pizza is the best ive ever tried, if you think your pizza is to soggy ask for it well done, but the more veggies on the pizza the soggier it is but we do try to limit the moisture that goes on the pizza, sometimes it is unavoidable because of new hires who don't know how to prep right but when I'm working I have never had a complaint, so come in wednesday-sunday nights and I'll be the guy making your food.

                    3. Just came back from a couple of days in Edmonton and based on this thread, i decided to try FAMOSO'S Pizza for a casual lunch.
                      I gotta say it is very close if not the same as Pulcinella's quality in Calgary.
                      San Marzano Tomatoes, their own imported flour and a great pizza oven made for a perfect lunch. My new Pizza spot in Edmonton.

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                      1. re: worldwidestuff

                        I would have to add Tesoro to this list now.

                      2. Da Capo on 109th Street makes great pizza... really thin, crispy crust, fresh, simple toppings, and a tangy tomato sauce. Last time I was there I had one with mushrooms, bocconcini, basil and mushrooms and really enjoyed it.

                        Plus, they have amazing home made gelato for dessert!

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                        1. re: Marianne S

                          Yeah, I'm surprised Leva and Da Capo haven't been mentioned. I prefer them much more than Famoso.

                          Also I've only had it once about a year ago but the pizza at picco lino's was really good. The texture of the cheese was unlike any pizza I've ever had, in a good way.

                          1. re: rob1234

                            I had the spinach, feta and sundried tomato pizza at PicoLino the other night, it was really great,not too heavy of toppings, great crispy (not too crispy though) thin crust. I will have to try their other toppings another time. I think you would lose out on this one with take out though, I would definitely eat in.

                            1. re: cleopatra999

                              I think it was the bocconcini one that I had. That one sounds good too.

                            2. re: rob1234

                              i had pizza from Leva over the weekend. I thought it was just okay. The mushroom one was the best, but i had to mop up the excess oil that was sitting on top of it all. Also, for the price, it really isn't much pizza. i much prefer Famoso. I haven't had pizza from Da Capo though...I'll have to try some soon.

                              1. re: ihatepickyeaters

                                Yeah the pizza's are huge but so thin you're still hungry after one. Da Capo is very similar.

                          2. you guys have to try monty's pizza on the west end!! they have the best pizza in edmonton by far!! ive been ordering there for 6 months now, and i cant get enough of it..thier prices arent cheap, bbut they load their pizza's you get twice more than what you'd get at other places.. i recomend it to any pizza lovers..

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                            1. re: foodlover1985

                              I think this is why there will always be a distinction in pizza preferences. Someone may feel the simplicity of a cheese pizza is great, while others want more and more. Getting twice what you would at another place (for example) doesn't do much if it's the same old pie.

                              Just look at Wikipedia and see how many 'categories' of pizza there are - http://bit.ly/AdKw I often think this list of best pizza should be broken down, so that we know who does the best "insert category". Because comparing Famoso to Royal Pizza to Pizza Hut, just isn't fair, but they are all going to have their followers.

                              1. re: raidar

                                ya i get what ur sayin, but its kinda hard to exlpain, there pizza is just perfect!!.. try it out and post what u think

                                1. re: raidar

                                  i think pizza tastes have much more to do with quality of ingredients than they do with genre.

                              2. Pizzeria Ragazzi in Bonnie Doon or Rose Bowl in Oliver.

                                1. My recent favs are Ragazzi on Whyte and Famoso. Both are great thin crust and I would give the edge to Ragazzi because the range of combinations. The boccancini pizza (The Godfather I think) is truly great. The service though can be hit or miss.

                                  Famoso also very good and I like that they have a kids sized pizza.

                                  1. In no particular order
                                    Tony's Pizza Palace
                                    Rose Bowl

                                    1. Zambelli's! #15, feta, mozza, cheddar
                                      The service can be horrible but it is worth the delish pizza! Don't even think about splitting your bill.
                                      Ceaser salad is also amazing.

                                      1. Ive been looking for pizza that tastes like the pizza you get back east since I moved to Edmonton. And i've finally found one. it's called PIZZA UNLIMITED and its in a little strip mall at 106st 40th ave .The pizza there is awesome! These people seem to be the only pizza makers in Edmonton who know 14" pizza is not a large!! The biggest they have is 18" for only $22 dollars you can feed 4-5 people with it. Best white box pizza joint in the city of Edmonton and you get bang for your buck! Pizza73 and panago will never hear from me again as long as this place is open for business.

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                                        1. re: jfarrell85

                                          Our newest favourite is Pete's A Pie on 182nd Street. More of a take out place but we still get it hot delivered or brought home to Riverbend. Great pizza, great owners. They are looking to expand to the south side. Our other faves are Famoso (Prosciutto Arugula and Vesuvio), Regazzi and Rose Bowl. We mean to try Pharo's some day. Terwillegar Pizza used to be awesome but changed hands last summer and it is AWFUL now. Dough is not good, cheese tastes like processed cheese food, never ever thought I'd accuse a place of putting too much meat on a pizza but that was ridiculous.

                                          1. re: jfarrell85

                                            What makes their pizza so good?
                                            Being better than "Pizza"73 and Panago is not a strong endorsement.

                                          2. JT's bar on the South side has decent pizza. The place I like most is Papa Murphy's take and bake. It's loaded with toppings, great price and it's not greasy...very fresh. I wish my oven worked right now. Try the stuffed.