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Jul 26, 2008 12:53 PM

Cedar Park Restaurants

I have a close friend that will be moving to Cedar Park in a few weeks. While they get settled in, I want to take them out for a few great meals at the local restaurants. The only place I've been in Cedar Park was Sushi Caliente. I had the Talapia Veracruzana and it was amazing - a dish I'm still trying to recreate at home. We're definitely going to stop in there but I need more ideas. Does anybody have any recommendations?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Define local... I live in Avery Ranch (which is pretty close) and I really enjoy Z'Tejas (at Avery Ranch) and several places in Round Rock, including tasty, inexpensive Tex-Mex fare: Rio Grande on Mays (not to be confused with the downtown one).

      Honestly, I am hoping to find more places out that way...

      1. Here's the best way to get this info. At the top of this page click on "Search this Board" and search for "Cedar Park." There have been several Cedar Park mentions in various threads in recent months and there's some good information already out there. The search is limited by default to threads within the past year so you won't be finding out of date stuff either.

        You'll get your info quicker this way and those threads can be updated so they'll be current to the fullest extent possible.

        This thread has the most detailed and specific information:
        but there are others

        1. Hayashi Sushi just opened in CP. I have been to the one in Georgetown and really enjoyed it.

          1. Thamnak Thai on Buttercup is great.